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Artcyclopedia, The Guide to Museum-Quality Art on the Internet, is delightful, because it...

  • lists art museums on the net
  • links to works on those sites by artist

Museum memories came flooding back as I looked through the sites of museums I've visited in the past. (Those to the right.)

My favorite museums on the web right now are

artchive is another primo art megasite.

Van Gogh is great but I like the Van Gogh's Van Goghs exhibit at the Whitney even more.

AmerMuseum of Photography, History Photography

World Art

A Memory Artist


Check out Jay's
Scanner Art

The Tiger Tail Virtual Museum

"Whenever possible the art in this museum has been made to look as close as possible to the way it looked when it was created. Sometimes we succeed and pictures look great other times things could really be better. Please accept our appologies for work less than perfect. It is always a problem that we didn't have a adequate data to begin with, but with more difficult cases one suspects that our staff just didn't hit on the right way to do the repair. But to reprocess several thousand pictures is a challenging task in itself. As we get better resolution pictures we will try to correct and replace those pieces of art that are really not up to a reasonable standard. It is the attempt to recreate the art as it was, that engenders the name: Virtual Museum."


My memory (often fuzzy) of my last visit to these museums in real life. YMMV,

= tops
= worthy
= so-so


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