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Beautiful Things

Ducati Frank Lloyd Wright Old U.S. Stamps

Ducati MH 900e

Raymond Roche and the Ducati 851


"We couldn't care less about comfort. We make you feel good."

Federico Minoli CEO Ducati Motor S.p.A.


Falling Water


Beauty is not always functional. Falling Water is unlivable.




When I was fifteen, I spent many a Saturday morning at the open-air Paris stamp market a block from the American Embassy. Each vendor had a large box of loose stamps from all over the world to sell for a penny or a nickle.

America's beautiful engraved stamps lept out from all others. Alas, those days are gone. The misguided U.S. Postal Service now prints garish, ugly stamps .


Dorling-Kindersley books and CDs

Warning: The full-size cathedral is 240K.












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