September 12, 2001


October 6, 2001

In El Lay earlier this week, I attended a retrospective of David Hockney's photographs. His collages capture several perspectives at once, like cubist paintings but better because you can tell what everything is. Other collages show different moments in time, e.g. six expressions atop one body in conversation. There is my first attempt. I'm using bits rather than glue.

Click for the real deal

May 1999

Every now and again, I'll flip something on the bed of the scanner next to my workstation but to see what it will look like in digital form. Then I may mess around this the pick of the litter with a photo editor.

I love the depth the scanner gives. Ironic, because the beam records to only about 1 1/2" deep.


Bird's nest found by Uta's tennis buddy Milagros
Paperport 6100 scanner, May 1999

A rubber crawdad I picked up last time I was in New Orleans.
Paperport 6100 scanner, April 1999



"Oh, no, Mr. Sluggo."
Paperport 6100 scanner, April 1999


A digital camera's macro setting delivers these cool detailed images.

Gravel 1, Pt. Richmond, July 1999. Olympus D320.


Gravel 2, Pt. Richmond, July 1999. Olympus D320.


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