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Check out the new Jayhoo! Instant Learning Net! Wow! (So many web-based training emporers have no clothes. I couldn't resist.)

The best overview source for corporate learning is Marcia Conner's Learning & Training FAQ.

Roger Schank's Engines for Education is an inspired rant on how to fix our very broken way of educating people.

Learnativity is the definitive source of information on standards.

Learnativity's bookmarks points to great articles on training, KM

Ellen Langer's The Power of Mindful Learning really shaped my thinking about how to improve education. Absolute truth is a fantasy. Look at things from different points of view. Change your approach, improve your learning.

Is There a Learning Curve in This Business? Training magazine (2/99) is thought-provoking, especially if you're new to this field.

Great links from the University of Denver School of Education:
Theoretical Sources | Instructional Design Models | Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management

Learning & Instruction: Theory Into Practice Database 50 major theories of learning and instruction

great collection of links to ed tech, ed media, etc.
New Horizons For Learning -- wealth of research on education; see "Adult Learning" topic
Training Net includes vendor list and articles
Training Registry includes associations, vendors
TRDEV-L -- the mail list for trainers
TRDEV-L Unmoderated Discussion
ASTD Hot Topics
Training & Development Community Centre

Learning Theories of Instructional Design
Learning Theories of Instructional Design - Mergel


Distance Learning

The MASIE Center -- Elliott Masie is the guru of online learning. In addition to his site, subscribe to his free zine, Tech Learn Trends. Also see Techlearn follow-up site.

Sam Shmikler is a learning visionary and proponent of rapid prototyping. Check his The Periscope Organization.

An Overview of Online Learning is an encyclopedic outline of online technology and processes. Prepared as background for participants of Online Learning 99 conference.

Web Based Training - Virtual Events

Viceoconferencing for Learning
MIT Epistemology and Learning Papers
Conceptual Metaphor WWW server
Lucent learning
companion Web site to net.LEARNING, pbs
Virtual Classrooms and Communities structuring oll
Web Based Training Information Center
Good Web Based Training Overview (WBT)
On-Line Educational Resources
On-Line Learning 98
Web Based Instruction Resources
MS OnLine Learning Strategy

Creative Think
The Best of Our Knowledge from Kepner Tregoe

When does a meeting end and distance learning begin? As work and learning merge, it's getting tough to tell the difference sometimes. Anchor Desk noted these web-conferencing packages in Q399:

Key players include:
Intervu Netpodium prides itself on delivering streaming audio and video. Click for more.

PlaceWare boasts ease of use and actively engages participants. Click for more.

WebEx has a sales-oriented feel, as in remote presentations to clients. Click for more.

NetMeeting gets high marks for application-sharing capabilities. Click for more.

Centra 99 emphasizes its training background. Click for more.

Contigo comes from a marketing environment. Click for more.

WebLine (recently acquired by Cisco) touts its customer-management features. Click for more.

WebSentric stakes its claim on easily-customizable presentations. Click for more.


Good thinking

"It is by teaching that we teach ourselves, by relating that we observe, by affirming that we examine, by showing that we look, by writing that we think, by pumping that we draw water into the well." - Henri-Fredric Amiel

Learning is tolerated only when it affects immediate performance. This attitude, of course, ultimately undercuts performance since even optimal performance can't be maintained unless people keep learning. "Learning to Learn" by W. Timothy Gallwey
" The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise to the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew. " -- Abraham Lincoln

from Lakewood: NOW, WHERE DID WE PUT THAT?

Yikes! We've been through an e-mail transition on this end, and we're not sure we have all your best ideas and questions. If you've sent us something particularly compelling since about April 15, would you consider re-sending just to be sure we get it?

21st Century Learning Initiative (intl)
why education and training are out of step with the info age.
John Dewey
Battery Hens or Free Range Chickens?


Cognitive Science MIT
Cognitive Science

Metaphor Center

Brain notes

Knowledge Management

"Knowledge mangement" is a high-fallutin' buzz phrase for creating and sharing of know-how. This is the on-line learning center and living library.

Karl Erik Sveiby gives a handy 30-slide presentation on his take on KM. It's a play within a play, having been created in a collaborative presentation-building framework. Sveiby has an impressive "library" of on-line resources that's worth a look, too.

ASTD on KM -- an overview of what's going on in the field
E&Y Center for Business Innovation -- a great resource
David Weinberger -- an astute observer, an ascerbic wit
Knowledge Management News -- well-sifted clippings, reviews, and pointers from Brad Hoyt
CIO Magazine - KM Research Center

Jay's The Corporate Learning Portal

Scient sells KM as something that strengthens them and their customers

BRINT -- exhaustive and exhausting links and essays
Thinking Business -- the document tracking end of KM
KM Magazine

from Buckman Labs, KM poster chil.

"Communications is human nature. Knowledge sharing is human nurture." Alison Tucker, Buckman Laboratories.

"Knowledge management is the strategy and processes to enable the creation and flow of relevant knowledge throughout the business to create organizational, customer and consumer value." David Smith, Unilever

"Knowledge Management is the broad process of locating, organizing, transferring, and using the information and expertise within an organization. The overall knowledge management process is supported by four key enablers: leadership, culture, technology, and measurement." American Productivity and Quality Center "

Knowledge is information that is relevant, actionable, and at least partially based on experience." Dorothy Leonard

"Knowledge can mean information, awareness, knowing, cognition, sapience, cognizance, science, experience, skill, insight, competence,know-how, practical ability, capability, learning, wisdom, certainty, and so on. The definition depends on the context in which the term is used." Karl-Erik Sveiby, The New Organizational Wealth

"Knowledge is content in context to produce an actionable understanding." Dr. Robert Bauer, Xerox Parc

Peter Senge: "Knowledge generation really only occurs in teams, where people engage in doing meaningful work." Teams are task-oriented and fleeting; they don't last. As the teams dissolve, people go off and reform in other teams. But they keep those networks of relationships, and they maintain those community ties."

Senge said that his new focus on communities makes up for a major shortcoming of The Fifth Discipline. "It was really about team learning and not very much about organizational learning. It took all our experience with member companies to recognize that communities are the place where this knowledge moves into, gets tapped, accessed, diffused and shared. "Knowledge is contextual; it comes in the context of doing work. We send people off to training, we educate them, we give them tools and ideas. But that's not really knowledge generation. The real question is what happens when people try to use their training?"

KM Vendors

km vendors evaluated
Autonomy - Knowledge Management and New Media
Ruminations on KM vs. Corporate Reality
Delphi Group on KM
I IBM Learning Services
Lotus KM
grapeVINE News

Building learning communities

Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management
Institute for Research on Learning
Building OnLine Communities

Collaborative Strategies -- great case studies and astute analysis by SF consulting firm
Learning Organization
Electronic Learning Communities Research Group at Georgia Tech. (Amy Bruckman)
Sociable Media Group at MIT, (Judith Donath)
Society for Organizational Learning
Let your Online Learning Community Grow
UCLA Center for the Study of Online Community. (Peter Kollock, Marc Smith...)
Online Discussion Groups

Emotional Intelligence

What Daniel Goleman calls emotional intelligence is the source of ROI, human happiness, responsible behavior -- well, what more could you want? It's taken a backseat to such mundane issues as IT training because its payoff is not immediate, engineers don't get it, and it's a tough nut to crack. This is a major opportunity.

Emotional Intelligence Services
Emotional Intelligence Consortium
Bringing EQ to the Workplace (research paper)
Best Practices to Promote EQ in the Workplace


Multimedia Training Newsletter
Lakewood Publications
Inside Technology Training
Technology Review
New Media
Brandon Hall


Analysis & Technology, Inc. KM
CBT Systems Training Methodology
Internal External Communications
Knowledge Universe
Lotus Development Corporation
Lotus Development Corporation Learning Space
Allen Communication
Macromedia learn to fix your toilet, tie your tie, etc. - Never Stop from Asymetrix

Ninth House Network just popped up on my list. Looks great but too new to tell what's real here.

Eliott Masie's


Natl Skill Stds Board
Software Forum
Instructional Sys Asso
ISPI Silicon Valley Chapter

Digital Learning

Universities and educators

Two dozen years ago I designed the first BSBA degree program for what has become the University of Phoenix, and I've been tracking practical university education ever since. In fact, I'd love to have another shot at shaping tomorrow's institutions.

A worthy skeptical view appears in the July 1999 Scientific American.

In his initial paper, Noble (1997) contends that university administrators, in collusion with high-tech corporations and emerging educational industries, are plotting the top-down, profit-driven commercialization of higher education as "courseware."

The Crossroads between Lifelong Learning and Information Technology: A Challenge Facing Leading Universities

Institute for Learning Tech, Columbia
U Colorado at Denver, School of Ed -- Performance Technology
Stanford Learning Lab Who, What, Where


T.H.E. Journal (Technical Horizons in Education)
California Virtual University EduWatch - Technology News for Teachers



HBS Cyberposium 99
Ivan Illitch Archive


Learning with Software -- Pedagogies and Practice (1996)

Instructional Design for the New Media (a course!)

What is Critical Thinking?
Information Presentation for Rapid Knowledge Transfer

Potential of Technologies for Teaching and Learning
Education Technology Services
IMS Investment Members and Advisory Board
HRD - Training, Performance, and Learning
Inhabiting the virtual city Contents
Blackboard Classroom
How We Want to Live Tomorrow, Portal on Global Digitalization
Performance Vision Connections - Articles
Principles and Models of Teaching and Learning
ILTweb v.7B.0.0 Columbia




Corporate Learning in 2002 Winning Approaches in an Online, Real-time, Networked World

"eLearning" is a model for what corporate training can become in the next three to five years. It is the convergence of:

  • a vision of loosely organized corporate ecologies, a business climate of permanent white water, breathtaking advances in technology, high-speed broadband networks, and a shift of power and responsibility from organizations to individuals
  • today's emergent best practices, from performance support through training to knowledge management. As novelist William Gibson observes, "The future's already arrived; it's just not evenly distributed yet."

eLearning -- Executive Summary

eLearning -- PowerPoint, full version or excerpts

The Cisco e-Learning page pulls together a good collection of articles about e-learning, a glossary, quotations, and much more.

"The current learning model is insufficient to accommodate the needs and realities of companies competing in the global, knowledge-based economy." --SRI Consulting


My viewpoints

An Instructional Designer Looks at Web Design

The Corporate Learning Portal

Learning in 2004 Presentation from TechLearn 98

Headlines (circa 2004)

Time Machine An on-going inquiry into the future of on-line learning, performance improvement, corporate training, three to five years from now.

We humanize computers...

Interactive Multimedia Changes Everything

Training vs. Education (1994)

Return on Investment in Training (1995)






Internet Time Group
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