Recommendations For Jay

“I often wonder if original thinkers still roam the earth. Then I recall a prognosticator from the Berkeley area with decades of limpid thoughts on informal learning; Jay Cross is an original thinker with an important message. Find a way to connect with him, your thinking is certain to change.” April 12, 2012

Charles FredFounder & CEO, The Breakaway Group

“Jay is one of those rarities who, after you spend time with him you feel much better, smarter; insights just naturally emerge. He brings out the best in you. I had the pleasure of spending a few days in Melbourne with Jay and was immediately stuck by his deep knowledge of informal learning, his generosity to share what he knew, his ability to ask great questions to get you thinking, and perhaps most importantly, his ability to work with you as a peer in a way where tremendous progress can be made in no time flat. If you get a chance to work with Jay just grab it with both hands.” April 8, 2012

 Shawn CallahanFounder and Director, Anecdote Pty Ltd

“Jay is world class. His blended knowledge of organizational transformation, learning, and technology is rare, if not impossible, to find but dynamic when applied to new ideas and change initiatives. He is an engaging presenter but what I enjoy most are the times I get to spend time listening and in dialogue with him. His 40 years of experience in the sector shine through. Anyone who gets to spend any decent time with Jay should feel honored.” March 27, 2012

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Mark Dowds 

“Jay has served as a great resource to me as editor of Learning Circuits.I’ve spent many years working with and relying on Jay to help ASTD produce content covering the current trends on how to use technology for learning. He is always availble to bounce ideas around, explore leading-edge views on where the industry is going, as well as discuss the “brass tacks” of what practitioners need to do to make the most of their investments.” March 27, 2012

Ryann EllisEditor, ASTD


“Jay’s title at Internet Time is “Chief Unlearning Officer,” which succinctly summarizes his ability to look at common challenges in uncommon ways. I’ve known and worked with Jay for more than 30 years (when we were both stuffing 5.25 floppy disks into IBM PCs), and have benefited from his sharp insight on business in general, out-of-the box approach to adult learning, and keen sense of effective marketing. If you’re looking to expand your thinking about learning and development strategy (and how to implement it), your best move is to connect with Jay…right now.” March 26, 2012

Paul HennesseyVice President, Marketing, Omega Performance

“My first encounter with Jay was over lunch in San Francisco where he does some of his best thinking. Articulate, funny, cordial, full of knowledge, but more importantly full of questions. Jay never stops pushing your thoughts about learning and life – and he does it by being a learning sponge role model. A more recent lunch in Carmel at Basil had us exploring leadership, selection, and coaching – Jay brings a twinkle to his work and isn’t afraid to explore whats new. I hope to have his counsel and support for years to come.

John HoskinsExecutive Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Omega Performance Group


“I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with Jay exploring and developing ideas and solutions to improve the performance of organisations. Jay has a unique ability to look at systems and perceived wisdom and help you create a new perspective. His insights, experience and desire to make sense of organisations and improve performance are refreshing and if you’ve got a chance to work with Jay I’d encourage you to grab it with both hands.” March 23, 2012

Peter CasebowCEO, Good Practice Ltd

“Jay is a true thought leader and polymath. He has the ability to grasp the concept of your business situation quickly and efficiently then ruthlessly challenge your pre-conceptions and assumptions before leading you blinking into the light of new ideas. If you want someone to help you create learning organisations then Jay is the man to call. The depth and breadth of experience of his partners in the Internet Time Alliance is unparalleled and the whole experience of working with them is fun from start to finish.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Hugh Greenway

“At this point, when I look at various sectors of Brazil opening up to Jay’s ideas, I understand that we are at the exact time to welcome his concepts and his experience as an important reference in the design of our learning practices. Recently we had the proof of this by proposing a model of informal learning to one of Brazil’s largest telecom companies that, unsatisfied with the results of its antiquated call-center services, agreed to apply a prototype Workscape to their legion of attendants. The results were surprisingly good. We aimed for an increase in the quality of services, but the results were far greater, delivering skilled people in half the time necessary previously, only six days, with an attitude of seeking and pollination of information, with knowledge bases and absolute confidence when talking to customers.”

Luiz AlgarraConsultor autônomo e fundador, Papagallis


“Jay was one of my first mentors. He taught me about eLearning and his writing was some of the first stuff I read on the subject!”

Sandeep SoodPresident, Monsoon Company

“Over the years, Jay has become an enduring source of inspiration for me in the field of development and future-proof organizations. You’ll find that Jay looks past the fads of today and the obvious of tomorrow and disrupts into a sensible and sustainable future beyond that. Working with Jay will provoke you for the better.”

Bert De CoutereBusiness Area Manager, IBM Global Business Services

“Two words come to mind to describe Jay Cross: enthusiastic and imaginative. While somehow always rooted in the real world, Jay Cross has the ability to see what others cannot, and dream farther on them than most other people I have met, especially in the e-learning space. He brings a sense of excitement to his knowledge, which is deep and plentiful.”

Jill DuffySenior Editor, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

“As the Godfather of informal learning, Jay and the Internet Time Alliance (ITA) are now augmenting their portfolio to address the new collaborative workplace. This is evolution at its best. He and the ITA continue to demonstrate thought leadership that many should listen to, and learn from.”

Dan PontefractSenior Director, Learning & Collaboration, Telus


“Jay is the one of the people I rely on to help me think outside the box, to test out new learning and development strategies and ideas, and to confirm social media trends and issues. His fresh and unique perspective, combined with his years of experience, are priceless!”

Eric DavidoveSenior Director – Learning and Development CoE, Yahoo!


“Jay is one of the most forward-thinking innovators in the world of learning today. I had the opportunity to have Jay support one of our “Innovation Summits for Learning” at Eaton University a few years ago and his ideas, input, and recommendations fit our goals perfectly (i.e, to generate new learning approaches and practices). His work on informal learning has always matched my vision in a way unlike many others I have worked with. Jay is an outstanding presenter, teacher, and consultant. I would highly recommend Jay to any organization or individual seeking to take their understanding and strategies around learning to the ‘next level.’” March 13, 2012

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Terry Farmer 

“There are some people that have a profound, positive impact on the practices of corporate L&D. Jay Cross is one. He is synonymous with the term “informal learning” and has helped numerous learning organizations realize significant business outcomes by embracing informal learning. He walks the talk too – whether an impromptu talk on Skype or a profound blog post. There are also some people in this industry that have had a profound impact on me. Jay Cross is that guy.” March 12, 2012

Janet ClareySenior Analyst, Bersin & Associates


“Jay Cross is a leading figure in the world of learning and innovation. When it came time to talk about informal and formal learning in my recent book, I went straight to Jay’s work for quotes and context. It’s always an intellectual opportunity to meet with Jay and talk through the critical management issues of the moment. Valuable and productive ideas are always the result.”

Terri GriffithProfessor, Santa Clara University

“Jay is a brilliant thinker and is the absolute best at what he does. I always welcome the opportunity to work with him. I particularly value the breakthrough perspective he brings to any project, his impeccable sense of integrity and attention to detail, and his wonderfully robust capacity for collaboration and teamwork.”

Amy LenzoDirector of Global Communications, The World Cafe Community Foundation

“Working with Jay was a real eye-opener for Intel’s learning organization! Well ahead of his time, Jay offered us break-through ideas and a reality check on what the future had to hold for us if we did not evolve our learning and development model. Marrying a unique vision with deep business skills, Jay speaks the business speak from a place firmly rooted in the future. Think you know how learning and business results tie together? Think again! I’d highly recommend Jay as someone that can both advise/consult and facilitate a robust, energetic, inspiring conversation that will help your organization create an actionable future.” March 12, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Allison Anderson 

“I edit the international academic journal, On the Horizon, http://www.emeraldinsight.com/oth.htm. As editor and international consulting futurist, I have found Jay’s thinking of relevance to our readership which spans presidents of universities and corporations to policy analysts in both the public and private sectors, internationally. Both in his writings and in conversations, we find Jay’s creative thinking insightful and supportive of emerging ideas.” March 12, 2012

Tom Abelespresident, sagacity, inc

“I have worked with Jay on and off over the last 25 years. He is the “go to” person for anything I want to know about the future of learning and how to implement it. Jay’s grasp of people and trends makes him an invaluable partner in exploration of the organizational unknowns around learning and knowledge and a key partner in taking the risk to move into what was unthinkable—and soon will be a necessity in your business.”

Claudia Bloom-DarbyFirst Vice President and Senior Consultant, Omega Performance

“Jay has significantly influenced my thinking over the past 10 years or more. He’s a connector of ideas and people. When you connect with Jay, you feel like you are connecting with an entire network. He is always generous to share his knowledge and connect you with others. Spending time with Jay always leaves you wanting more. He blends time tested theories with future trends to give you a unique perspective that is hard to find. Jay is truly a pioneer in our field. I highly recommend Jay.”

Dennis CallahanTraining Director, Travelers

“Jay is one of a small number of people who’s thinking has consistently played an ongoing part of my own professional development. His work on the relationship between informal and formal learning is now a core element of my own thinking and practice. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jay to anyone who is looking to be challenged and developed by someone with tremendous experience and knowledge of learning and development.”

Mark BerthelemyLearning Solutions Architect, Capita Learning & Development


“Jay was one of the first people I met in the training industry once I started my company and he was one of the first people to help us grow by connecting us to the important people in learning and development. Early in our history, he wrote an article on Enspire and we carried it around to clients for years. Apart from the fact that he’s a fellow Harvard Business School grad, I endorse Jay because he’s wicked smart, a like-minded contrarian, and exceptionally well connected. One of the few great independent thinkers our industry has to offer.”

Bjorn BillhardtCEO, Enspire Learning

Jay is a hoot. He’s smart and provocative. I think it would be fun AND valuable to spend a few days with him and other colleagues. Oh, and don’t forget lunch at Chez Panisse!”

Allison RossettProfessor, San Diego State University


“Two of the most professionally transformative experiences in my career have occurred in the last 18 months in the company of, and influenced by, Jay Cross. These experiences did not happen in a conference room nor in a classroom — they happened in the Sequoia-laden mountaintops of Santa Cruz and in the hauntingly beautiful red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. Jay is a connector of ideas, people and a rich personal history of experience coaching and consulting businesses and their leaders. Tapping into that knowledge requires more than a report – it requires conversations that occur organically. That’s the way connected minds and a connected organizations work: they’re responsive to their environments.

Jay’s Internet Time Lab is one such environment. Among the redwoods overlooking Berkeley, California, Jay has designed an environment conducive to capturing the ideas as they’re born. As a guide and a coach on such ideational journeys, Jay is particularly effective at drawing out the ideas, making them explicit and mentoring the kinds of skills to continue doing this yourself.

I consider myself very fortunate to consider Jay a friend and an serendipitous guide on my career path. I’ve made it a point to keep in Jay’s company a few times in the last year and I hope to continue to do so for many years to come. As well as sparking excellent ideas, Jay asks the questions that are worth asking. His is a rare gift and I can’t thank him enough for sharing his thoughts, questions and ideas with me.”

Aaron SilversChief Learning Officer, Problem Solutions

“I met Jay while working as Director of Education & Training for a division of Intel. He was a thought leader for a new think tank focusing on talent management and development. Jay was responsible for synthesizing divergent content of the think tank and challenging the members (all senior players in our profession) to think anew about the direction of our organizations. If you want to be challenged intelligently and creatively, Jay is incredible to work with. This is not the slick, well-marketed entertainment you get from companies like Covey or Blanchard, which fit well new leaders. Jay delivers for experienced leaders new ideas, not cliches. I highly recommend Jay.” March 11, 2012

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Marc Porter 

“Jay Cross is a mastermind thinking innovator and someone who can see, much before everyone else, new ways and strategies to learn, organize and manage more effectively. I would recommend Jay wholeheartedly to any corporate company, education or non-profit organization as someone who can deeply listen before giving strategic advice. And if you are looking for someone with whom to get away from the office to explore the future, co-develop change strategies and brainstorm fresh new approaches and ideas Jay may be indeed an excellent option to try out.”

Robin GoodPublisher – Editor in Chief, MasterNewMedia

“Being at the edge of new ideas and having the courage to explore the unknown is the essence of what Jay Cross can provide. In 2005 we were just getting weak signals that the use of open source technologies might be coalescing into a movement. Some of us had experimented with blogs and wikis. Few of us had a presence personally or professionally as a result of those experiments. With Jay’s insights and an online unconference, I was thrust into a new way of thinking, acting and engagement that has lasted till today. Jay can offer specific solutions. But his strength is in the pull he continually sustains that invites you to think beyond the known to unexplored possibilities. It is his unique value proposition.”

“Jay Cross to me is a very special person: As a real Maverick, he is a Mentor to me, an eye-opener helping me to gain insights from new perspectives. As a Master, walking his talk, he is a model worthwhile attempting to copy. And he is also a charming person to have an interesting conversation with, where he openly shares all his experience, knowledge and wisdom – even more fun, if at the same time you can have lunch or dinner with him.
If you have got a chance meeting him in person: Do not miss it! If you do not have this chance: Read his books, follow his posts, watch his webcasts and participate in his webconferencing events. I promise you, it will be an inspiring experience. Even more though if you are looking for something, where you feel a need for change – be it your business, your personal working experience or the way you are facilitating learning for others.” March 11, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Urs Frei 

“Jay has a wonderful ability to push the envelope, challenge thinking, facilitate new, creative ways of looking at the world and how we learn. He has broken a great deals of new ground in the area of learning and development and is an inspiration and a thought leader. He has been a generous contributor to my own learning and technology-related research projects and I have no hesitation in recommending engaging with him in any capacity.” March 11, 2012

Elizabeth ValentineChief Executive, Aviation, Tourism and Travel Training Organisation (Inc)


“I’ve been to Jay’s house, where the Internet Time Lab is rooted. More importantly, I’ve had the pleasure of Jay’s company on several occasions, in and out of the house. I value Jay highly both for his professional thought leadership and for his personal attitude. He’s really good at combining advice based on his solid experience and future outlook with catalyzing your own thoughts. The perfect partner for clarifying strategic opportunities.” March 11, 2012

Herwig RollettHead of Research Cooperation, Know-Center

“Jay is a pioneer in the field of learning, a pioneer who believes in taking the Conestoga across wild ranges himself. That is, he not only has a sense of where the most interesting leading edges of learning are, he experiments with them. He walks the talk as much and as often as he can. Those experiences, plus his informed intuition, equip Jay to communicate a very useful point of view to organizations and individuals alike who need to understand how to work smarter.

I’ve worked with Jay in multiple setting and find him constantly asking great questions, experimenting with new forms and formats, and convening groups of skilled practitioners in these areas. You will learn a great deal working with Jay.” 

Jerry MichalskiFounder, The REXpedition


“One cannot talk with Jay for any length of time and not come away with new perspectives, frames, and insights. Jay’s fresh perspectives are transformative. The way one views the world determines what one sees as relevant. Once you learn a different way to view the world, new patterns of relevance emerge and new ideas appear everywhere!” March 11, 2012

John AdamsGadfly, NextNow


“Well, what can one say? Jay is a thought leader, guru, gourmet, wine lover, informal learning expert – in short a polymath. The Internet Time Alliance is his brain child. It collects, curates, and disseminates the learning of hundreds.

If you have a need to know what is state of the art – or edgy – or beyond that, Jay and his network know. He has a wide array of contacts and is globally aware, with a keen sense of what works and does not work in learning. He has spent his life trying to improve – in fact, reinvent – the tools and processes we are all subjected to in the hope we learn something. If you spend an hour with Jay you will learn more than a month with most people. He can add real value to your organization and his contacts and network is large, deep, and varied. Highly recommended.”

Kevin WheelerFounder and Chairman, Future of Talent Institute

“Jay Cross is the C-Man. Jay C’s all. He is at once comrade, confidant, close colleague, collaborator, co-learner, co-conference coordinator (with me), and companion. You will find him highly contemplative, clever, curious, constructive, conscientious, concerned, courageous, and concerned for you! Call on him often. I constantly and consistently do just that.” March 11, 2012

Curtis BonkProfessor, Indiana University


“Jay Cross is 110% dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and making positive contributions to corporate education. He has been there and done that long before “Elearning” got so popular, well before CBTs but defintely after the Gutenberg Bible and the printing press. Jay has told me some wonderful stories of his experiences in what he calls the “early days” of corporate education. Though Jay has a great deal of experience he is still re-inventing himself, current and relevant in his thought leadership. I love Jay’s Learnscape image, it makes for an excellent color poster that I have up on my wall.

Last year I asked Jay to come and present to an internal learning community within Cisco Systems. Jay made the time for our request and provided us with an excellent overview of informal learning. I’ve known Jay for 10+ years and I consider him to be part of the inner circle of learning experts in our industry.”

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Milo Dodds 

“I had the pleasure working with Jay on several projects since the mid 2000.
Jay is a great storyteller, challenger of the known/assumed and champignon of forward thinking.”

Etay GafniOwner, BrightAct LLC


“Jay gifted me with his great foresight about the future of communication a decade ago, and that helped me launch (and continues to help me evolve) my visual communication practice. We have worked together on many pro bono projects for the joy of learning. Jay has a wonderful combination of deep knowledge, wide vision, delightful curiosity, kind humor and real-deal wisdom.” March 13, 2012

Eileen CleggFounder and Principal, Visual Insight

“Jay Cross is an old friend and e-learning expert “extraordinaire”. This digital age has no secrets for Jay, who surfs, blogs and twitters 24/7 – or so it seems. He balances his digital ventures with trips to his favourite cities on the continent and I for one am always delighted to see Jay on this side of the Atlantic, when he comes to Berlin to share his latest insights with old and new friends at Online Educa.” February 9, 2009

Rebecca StromeyerOwner, ICWE


“Jay is a real gem: he’s a true visionary but also fundamentally practical. He’s completely professional, but is also a nice guy with a wicked sense of humor! He’s on my short list of top people.” January 11, 2004

Clark Quinn

“Jay is one of the most courageous personalities I’ve ever encountered, especially in a field where self-interested cowardice is pretty much the rule. His clarity of vision on all things relating to learning in the corporate world is only matched by his commitment to helping others make it work. He cuts through nonsense with incredible speed and precision. He’s so good at seeing and describing processes that work and don’t work that most people in the firle dadmire his contributions and then spend their time finding safe ways to protect the status quo, which guarantees their livelihood.

Is Jay a revolutionary? Only in his long-term vision. For the rest his focus is on the nuts and bolts of human relations, which is what transfer and development of knowledge is all about.”

Peter IsacksonDirector, Didaxis

“I don’t even know where to begin. Visonary. Brilliant thinker and writer. Digerati supreme. Every generation gets a few – too few – really great people and Jay’s one. Whether it’s work or as a friend, Jay is leading an entire industry into the future. That itself is an act of greatness.”

“Jay Cross is e-learning’s encyclopedia. He captures everybody and everything of relevance, bravely and accurately editorializing all the way.” January 16, 2004

Clark Aldrich

“The e-learning forum manages to support the e-learning cause, while at the same time maintain a healthy skepticism about what really works. The meetings tackle the tough issues with high quality speakers and discussion and certainly move the ball forward. As a speaker/presenter Jay is smart, knowledgeable, provocative and fun.”

Trace Urdan