Persuasive writing

We write passionately and convincingly about things we believe in. We create white papers, articles, webinars, and videos for vendors and ventures in the educational renaissance. Our words persuade people to take action.


Ten Commandments for Creating Online Learning, 2014. for Litmos.

Perfect Pitch and What to Say. for Litmos. BLOG

A Solution to the College Crisis, 2013. ESSAY

Managers, the Secret Weapon for Developing Better Employees. 2012. WHITE PAPER

How to Replace Top-down Training with Collaborative Learning. for Citrix. 2012. WHITE PAPER

What Universities Must Learn about Social Networks 2012. ARTICLE

Learning Strategy — an investment in the future. for IBM. 2005. WHITE PAPER

Forty columns on Effectiveness for Chief Learning Officer Magazine. 2003-2012

Not Without Purpose. for T+D magazine. 2006. ARTICLE

Why Corporate Training is Broken and How to Fix It. for Citrix. 2012. WHITE PAPER

Keeping Up With the Pace of Change. for ASTD LX Briefing. 2007. ARTICLE

You Built It, Now Promote It. for eLearning Guild. 2003. ARTICLE

Series for Inside Learning Technologies
Making Business Decisions: the Heart and the Hand
Productivity in the Network Era
Working Smarter Thought Workscaping
Creating Leaders for the 21st Century
Speaking the Language of Business

Sight Mammals. for T+D magazine. 2003.

75 more articles

Public Speaking

Jay speaks at conferences and in-house sessions around the globe, both in-person and virtually, on a variety of topics. .

Jay’s stories will expand your thinking and enliven your meetings. He will inspire your team to accomplish more with less in record time. Jay distills lessons from cognitive science, business administration, how people learn, social computing, and psychology to boost sales, improve customer service, and empower people to innovate. His speaking style is vibrant, humor-laden, energetic, and compelling.

How to Stand Out from the Rest
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Learning is Business.
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