Time, it's on my side, yes it is

Another quick romp through a few weeks’ notes. I’m finding this good discipline for reflection; maybe I should be mapping it.

The current issue of Harvard Business Review looks very promising, so much so that I handed over $16.95 for a copy, even through alumni get it online for free. The topic of this double issue is balancing the long-term with the short. Just skimming thus far, I’ve found numeric proof that being short-sighted costs you dearly at the bottom line.

For a dozen years, I studied time, reading some 100 books on the subject. Alas, since I was primarily reading philosophy and culture (I could fathom only a little of the science), I never got very far and found myself some new hobbies.

From an article I wrote for LineZine several years ago:

All too many of us are extremists when it comes to time. Chronologically, we are single-minded. We are so busy chopping trees that we don’t take time to sharpen our ax. Some of us can’t see the forest for the trees; others can’t see the trees for the forest. The nearsighted live like there’s no tomorrow. The farsighted seem far out.

I felt then as I do now. Betting on the short term at the expense of the long is foolish. I’ll be back with some numbers and advice once I finish reading the HBR articles.

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