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Free chapters from Implementing eLearning

Seven years ago, Lance Dublin and I wrote a book entitled Implementing eLearning. The cover explained… Here Is How To: Manage the Change to E-Learning Successfully Market to Learners Create an Implementation Strategy We wrote that for eLearning to work, … Continue reading

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Close the training department?

No More Training An astute VP at LSI Logic was concerned with the meager results of the company’s classroom training. He wanted LSI to focus more on building competencies and less on training events. Workers at LSI had been happy … Continue reading

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No more "learners"

Three-and-a-half minute rant about leveling the preacher-and-congregation model of learning in favor of recognizing we’re brothers and sisters here, not parents and children. Geez.

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Network effects

Six-minute video on how networks form and why this inevitably leads to flatter organizations, faster cycle times, information glut, and unpredictability. The story continues here.

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This afternoon eight of us took part in an online discussion convened by Nancy White for people who were disappointed not to attend VizThink this year. We had a grand time using a shared white board in Vyew and a … Continue reading

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Innovation in organizational learning

In this 12-minute closing presentation at Learning Technologies 2009 in London, I describe the global economic cataclysm and learning in the longest-lived culture in the world, the Aborigines of Australia.Find more videos like this on Internet Time These are the … Continue reading

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Get out

View to the northeast, toward Sacramento The weather in the Bay Area was glorious today, so Cappuccino and I decided to walk up Vollmer Peak to the top of the world. We needed the exercise and we needed to get … Continue reading

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The culture of social learning

Understanding Corporate Twitter, a post from an employee of EMC, got me thinking about the role of corporate culture in implementing the social learning platforms I’ve been calling learnscapes. Traditional training programs are a reflection of their designers, authors, and … Continue reading

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eLearning must be social

Six-minute video of the beginning of the closing keynote at Learning Technologies 2009 in London last month. In this segment, I recall the genesis of eLearning a little over ten years ago, the changing nature of business, and the necessity … Continue reading

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Businesses must assess the quality of learning

Have a beer You may have heard my story about the brewer who was told to cut his costs 16%. “Not a problem,” he told his CFO. “We’ll simply put five bottles in each six-pack instead of six.” The CFO … Continue reading

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