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TwitterSheep portrait

TwitterSheep draws a tag cloud from the profiles of people who follow you on Twitter. Mine is a good fit with my own self image. Birds of a feather? Of course, you can look over the tag clouds of other … Continue reading

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A new model for training

This is an excerpt from The training department of the future by Harold Jarche and Jay Cross. See the full article at the togetherLearn site. A New Model for Training Workers at the the bottom of the traditional organizational pyramid … Continue reading

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eLearning is not the answer

eLearning is not a big cost-cutter Corporations are flocking to eLearning for all the wrong reasons. It’s cheaper: no travel, no facilities cost, no instructor salaries. This sort of fanciful thinking tripped up eLearning ten years ago. In that first … Continue reading

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Videocam becomes still cam?

I splurged and bought myself to a snazzy HD Canon videocam. I still figuring out how it works but it’s clearly a powerful little machine. I need a new still cam soon. Ever since bouncing off some cobblestones in Rome, … Continue reading

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Telling stories to "work the past"

Working the Past by Charlotte Linde Linde is an anthropologist who worked on a three-year study of a large insurance company as part of a team from the Institute for Research on Learning. She’s right that stories are an important … Continue reading

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Rethinking conferences

When I signed up for Spaces for Interaction: An Online Conversation about Improving the Traditional Conference, I didn’t appreciate how timely the topic would become. Conferences have traditionally provided foundation knowledge for instructional designers, trainers, CLOs, and others in the … Continue reading

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PowerPoint is tyranny (2)

I’m getting into MindMeister for mindmapping. Feel free to tweak this one if you like. PowerPoint is Tyranny

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Agile instructional design

I’ve been thinking about fresh approaches to instructional design. Instructional design was invented around the time of World War II. Starting virtually from scratch, America had to train millions of men to be soldiers and millions of civilians to make … Continue reading

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Driving results through social networks

Driving Results Through Social Networks: How Top Organizaiotns Leverage Networks for Performance and Growth by Rob Cross and Robert J. Thomas This sequel to Rob Cross’s The Hidden Power of Social Networks is chock full of practical advice on leveraging … Continue reading

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PowerPoint is tyranny

First of all, please go here and take two minutes to answer half a dozen brief questions about attending conferences. Then, please join me later this week at Spaces for Interaction, a free online conversation on improving traditional conferences. Sponsored … Continue reading

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