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Temporary price drop on Jay's book

Working Smarter, the 2010 Edition, regularly sells for $19.98 (hardcopy) and $12.00 (download). This week the hardcopy version is marked down to $16, the download to $10. Here’s an excerpt. I’m investigating the price-sensitivity of demand. The price will probably … Continue reading

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I first met Stephen Denning about ten years ago. He had just left the World Bank and was selling copies of The Springboard out of a bag. It taught me the power of storytelling over PowerPoint, a lesson I too … Continue reading

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Gazing down from the helicopter

Maybe it’s just me, but everywhere I turn, people are looking at things from a higher level of abstraction. They’re seeing a bigger picture by rising above the immediate situation. (I dubbed this the Helicopter pattern recently.) For example, executives … Continue reading

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Training magazine, RIP

Nielsen Business Media is shutting down Training magazine and its companion Web site, The March issue will be the publication’s last. The move includes the elimination of 11 positions, a spokesperson said. I first saw Training magazine in 1977. At … Continue reading

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Learning on the Holodeck

Karl Kapp and Tony O’Driscoll have written a definitive book on virtual worlds, Learning in 3D:  Adding a New Dimension in Enterprise Learning and Collaboration. Many people think of virtual worlds as the realm of characters in bizarre costumes and … Continue reading

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Une interview de Jay Cross, l'auteur d'Informal Learning

Une interview Par Harold Jarche (Traduction Thierry de Baillon) Mercredi 17 Février 2010 13:21 Jay Cross, Chief Scientist à l’ Internet Time Group, est l’auteur de Informal Learning: Rediscovering the natural pathways that inspire innovation and performance (NDT: Apprentissage informel: … Continue reading

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Learning Styles

Will Thalheimer reports on Learning Styles Reviewed by Association for Psychological Science AND FOUND WANTING. Do you believe meshing delivery format with a student’s learning style improves the quality of the learning? The learning-styles view has acquired great influence within … Continue reading

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Where Social Learning Thrives

Read this inspiring Fast Company blog post by Marcia Conner. She nails what I have been calling learnscaping. Growing a culture of service is more like planting a garden than building a shed. A garden requires tending, whereas a shed … Continue reading

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A social interaction pattern language 2 of 2

Getting good at social interactions is vital for social learning. We live in a social world. Every action taken that involves more than one person arises from conversation that generates, coordinates, and reflects those actions. At best, those group actions … Continue reading

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A social interaction pattern language 1 of 2

Pattern Language? A concept invented by Christopher Alexander, award-winning, renegade architect despised by most other architects, but wildly popular among designers and software authors. Alexander used to live in my neighborhood. I wrote up a little presentation on his Pepto-Bismol … Continue reading

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