Why Work Smarter?

Here are some blurbs from the next edition of The Working Smarter Fieldbook.

“This book is packed with ideas that will mess with your head – in a good way – by turning your old notions about training, work, and learning upside down and inside out. Read it from cover to cover or dip into it here and there: You’ll find inspiration and insight on every page.”
— Daniel H. Pink, author of DRIVE and A WHOLE NEW MIND

“A straight forward book designed for managers who want a natural way to improve performance – without the typical management consulting crapola. Does a nice job of balancing the theoretical with the practical – and that’s really useful to us as people who want fresh ideas we can use to improve our team’s results.”
— Julia Seery Gude, in HRExaminer

“Acquiring knowledge through informal contacts and casual conversation is as old as the campfire. However, the rise of social networking technology and Web 2.0 tools have worked as a force multiplier, greatly enhancing the power of people to acquire knowledge. The intent of this book to wake people—specifically business people—up to this fact.”
— Peter Shea, in eLearn Magazine

“This ‘unbook’ is a compilation of Jay’s ideas as well as interjections from his colleagues in the Internet Time Alliance (Harold Jarche, Jane Hart, Charles Jennings, Clark Quinn, and Jon Husband). They make honest remarks about the state of learners, many of whom need to stop waiting for directions and start becoming self-directed. They draw the ‘kill the courses, shut down the training department’ line with a dramatically heavy hand.”
— Jane Bozarth, in Learning Solutions

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2 thoughts on “Why Work Smarter?

  1. Rashida

    Informal learning has some huge advantages over formal learning but should be used not as a replacement but as a supplement to formal learning. It is hard to define informal learning because it is constantly evolving but it does have some fairly clear distinguishing characteristics.


  2. Jay Cross

    Has anyone here advocated replacing formal learning with informal? It would be impossible anyway, since all learning is part formal and part informal. Or are you just trolling for places to post your URL?

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