Getting informal in Sao Paolo



“How are informal conversations transforming our understanding and learning practices in businesses and communities?”

This is the theme to be explored by Jay Cross (USA), Paul Pangaro (USA) and Ignacio Muñoz (Chile), with mediation by Luiz Algarra (BRAZIL), meeting at the Pan American Network of informal talks, held at the Auditorium Berrini Fundacao Getulio Vargas, 19:00 on September 13, 2010.


“It’s amazing how people can learn much of what they need just talking with each other recursively. Companies are finding that this is a much more natural, practical and functional than the old training-of-classroom school, explains Luiz Algarra ”

“Training and formal training make up only 10% or 20% of what people learn in business. Investing in formal education is always high while the informal learning is neglected and even discouraged, this is a huge waste of human potential,” says Jay Cross. “One of the biggest challenges we have today is to integrate the informal aspects of learning in designing strategies for empowerment. It’s another way of thinking about learning, in which each person is brought into the process from the knowledge that you have and your ability to share. Informal learning rescues very simple and natural aspects of education, added Lucia Annunziata, managing partner of Dobra Aprendizagem. “

Forgive garbled meaning. Google translated the original Portugese into English on this.

This was a wonderful evening event. Ignacio Muñoz Cristi, who has studied under Humberto Matarana for the last seven years, grounded us in cultural biology, structural bonding, and creating informal learning spaces. Paul Pangaro, a cyberneticist who is “obsessed with conversation,” shared his thoughts on the role of conversation and the need for new languages; “an organization is its conversations.”

Speaking of emotion and evolution, Ignacio told the story of one of five kids that was separated from its nanny-goat mom for five hours soon after birth. The goat was screwed up for life. Since we had been talking about tech, I pondered how the little goat would have turned out had she been exposed to five hours of Lady Gaga on YouTube while away from mom.

Moments like that are why you should watch out for the recordings of the session which will be available after editing. The evening event was also streamed to the net.

Papagallis is doing cutting-edge work in informal learning in Brazilian corporations. Their objective is to help people who work for human welfare in companies and organizations; people who search the processes of knowledge and learning of people in group; and people determined to expand the knowledge and connections they need, awakening to what life has to offer.

I will be sharing more about Papagallis and what I’m learning in Brazil as this week unfolds.

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