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October 25th, 2010
Just Jay

Dave Snowden is in San Francisco to lead a seminar tomorrow on A new simplicity.

This seminar will provide a basic introduction to complexity theory in human systems and introduce participants to some core methods and approaches. It is based on the award winning work of Dave Snowden and is relevant for executives in the public and private sectors who need to understand the theory and application of new complexity-based approaches to strategy.

The challenge of doing more with less is ever present in both the public and private sectors. In the 1980s the big idea was process management and re-engineering, replacing the functionally orientated structures of the preceding decades. Over the years those ideas have achieved significant results, but they no longer offer the opportunity for radical and progressive change and are in danger of becoming over extended and over complicated.

Complexity theory, dealing with systems that are inherently uncertain and unpredictable, is emerging as a radical new way to:

  • focus on sustainability, using the natural capabilities of customers, citizens and staff;
  • shift from fail-safe design to a more flexible and adaptive process of safe-fail experiments leading to more resilient outcomes;
  • use the distributed intelligence of workforces and markets to transform decision making and achieve long term effectiveness.
  • see strategy as a constantly evolving articulation of emergent possibilities, shorting decision cycles, increasing robustness;
  • understand the new simplicity inherent in an ecological approach to management.

I am really looking forward to this. Join me.

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