Join the Internet Time Alliance for a Day… in London

On Thursday 16th December the Internet Time Alliance is conducting a day-long retreat in London to help senior managers prepare for the opportunities and challenges they will face next year. 

Jay Cross, Jane Hart, Clark Quinn, Harold Jarche, Charles Jennings

In this private session, we discuss our latest thinking on what’s important in:

  • social learning
  • enterprise learning governance
  • working smarter
  • the impact of mobile learning
  • taking advantage of personal knowledge environments
  • breakthroughs in brain science
  • revised views of motivation
  • growing awareness of emergence
  • the shift from push to pull models
  • rethinking the role of the LMS
  • breaking down barriers to change.

Ground rules

No competitors. If Fiat attends, Volkswagen can’t. Our choice.

Small group. This session will be intimate and participatory. No more than a dozen participants. Again, our choice.

No consultants. We’re the consultants. You’re the practitioners from corporations and government.

Big payback. Bring a problem (or problems) to solve; you’ll receive individualised advice from thought leaders and others in the room.

Everyone will share in the day’s activities, which will include:

An invigorating discussion, just the way to end the year on a high note.

Books such as The Working Smarter FieldbookEngaging Learning.

Fee for the day is £750. Two from a single organisation, £550 each.

Interested? Email Charles Jennings or Jane Hart

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