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Great ending to 2010

In my final bath of the year, I finished reading Sketching User Experiences by Bill Buxton, an inspiring book on the spirit of design and how innovation really works. Buxton quotes T.E. Lawrence’s Seven Pillars of Wisdom: All men dream; … Continue reading

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On December 12, I turned over a small package to DHL in Berlin for delivery to Berkeley. When it had not arrived ten days later, I entered the tracking number I received in Berlin. No such number. The carton arrived … Continue reading

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Visual history of corporate education

Check out this awesome history of corporate education from Eileen Clegg: “Ongoing project with IFTF and Global Learning Resources, 4 X 12 foot graphic map documenting corporate education over 120 years in historical context, leading to a forecast through 2010″

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Google nGram tracks word usage over time

Google nGram viewer shows the frequency of words in books over time. Frequency of social, informal, training, and learning over the last century. Live view.

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Inscrutable marketing

Never heard of these guys, but if I’m ever in the market for a Taiwanese milking machine, I’ll keep them in mind. Email: subject Hong Guan Machinery Wish You a Happy New Year Dear Sir, Thanks very much for your … Continue reading

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Unclear on the concept?

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On the Road with Internet Time Alliance, December 2010

Over the course of 18 days in December 2010, I took part in learning events in seven countries. Here are some of the things I learned. Brussels, Belgium. Jane Hart and I keynoted “Learning Day” for senior training managers of … Continue reading

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Work/life balance

My work is what I want to do in life. I have no work/life balance. I have work/life equality. I just designed a two-sided business card to communicate that Jay Cross the person and my work with Internet Time Alliance … Continue reading

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Overcoming Bipolar Thinking

Learning is a continuum of degrees of formality • BY JAY CROSS In the five years since the publication of Informal Learning, I’ve become the Johnny Appleseed of informal learning. I didn’t invent the concept. Informal learning is older than … Continue reading

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Each one teach one customer service

Here’s a worthy idea. Mobilize your users to support one another via Twitter. This instance is part of the latest upgrade to Firefox. The push button takes you to their Tweetstream.

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