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I’ll be down in San Jose (it’s only 90 minutes south of the Internet Time Lab) to attend ASTD TechKnowledge for the first time in years. Looks to be an exciting contrast to the last one of these I attended … Continue reading

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Those who forget the mistakes of history

…are condemned to repeat them, said philosopher George Santyana. Steve Wheeler’s excellent post on Learning Technologies in London described the vendors at the show as stuck in a time warp, maybe on another planet. What does the future hold for these … Continue reading

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Headlines are not reality

A large, traditional LMS vendor has put a new front on their website that proclaims “80% of learning is informal. Nurture it. Harness it. Socialize it.” Great idea. Alongside this news is a video of a customer who explains he … Continue reading

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Next week, Harold Jarche and I are headed to a series of meetings with a client whose organization has severe hang-ups about web security. Access to many important sites on the net is verboten. Geez. How to work around something … Continue reading

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Wikipedia's 10th

West Coast Wikiconference 2011 WikiPedia turned 10 years old today. I attended a delightful unconference with a hundred Wikipedians at the Hub in San Francisco. How’s this for a deal? $25 paid for breakfast, lunch, a full day’s events, presentations … Continue reading

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Kevin Kelly: Technology is good for the world

Kevin Kelly is a force of nature. He spoke at the West Coast Wiki Conference yesterday. From my Seminal Documents page: Out of Control, The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems, and the Economic World . Kevin Kelly. “The world … Continue reading

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Ward Cunningham: Ten Years (and more)

Eugene Kim announced that Ward Cunningham was our opening keynote speaker for the West Coast WIki Conference. Only after the talk did he mention that Ward invented the wiki (1995) and is a prime mover in both the Agile Software … Continue reading

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Happy 10th birthday, Wikipedia!

Wikipedia’s 10th Anniversary: January 15, 2011 San Francisco, California Theme — Wikimedia: The Next 10 Years This special tenth anniversary is being celebrated by parties and events around the world; see I’ll take a few snapshots for you. In the … Continue reading

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Change or die

LX Briefing Mixing case studies, stories, and actionable recommendations together with humor and easy-to-understand language, Jay Cross provides much more than buzzwords and back-patting, or so says his bio. He also has some very strong opinions on the future of … Continue reading

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Great stuff happens

Be an optimist. These things are everywhere! Photo background: one of several black swans floating in the pools at the Blackhawk Shopping Center.

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