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Zero switching cost

posted on
January 4th, 2011
Just Jay

When my Internet Time Alliance colleague Harold Jarche switched from Delicious to Diigo, I figured I should probably do the same. After all, saving one’s tags is a cornerstone in Harold’s Personal Knowledge Management scheme of approaching the world. He has probably researched this a lot more than I ever will.

Diigo has made it drop-dead simple to swap your tags from Delicious into their app. They even make it easy to update Delicious and Diigo in parallel. Here’s the email I received immediately after uploading my Delicious tags into Diigo.

Welcome to Diigo! Your bookmarks were imported to Diigo. You can check them at .

Your tag cloud may still require more processing and will be available shortly.

To start adding bookmarks, please visit by installing:

  • a simple bookmarklet, or
  • extension (FF, IE, Chrome)

(FF and IE toolbar fully customizable via Toolbar Options)

Or, you add add new bookmarks, notes, or images directly on site >>

While you start to explore Diigo’s capabilities, make sure to check these out:

Cross post from Diigo to Delicious

Diigo’s “Save to delicious” feature (found under Tools once you login) allows you to simultaneously add your new bookmarks to delicious. With this feature enabled, you can start using Diigo as your primary bookmarking service and take advantage of all its advanced features, while keeping your delicious account updated.

Auto-save favorite Tweets / (Annotated) Twitter-This

If you are a Twitter fan, use “Save Favorite Tweets” to allow you to save your favorite tweets to Diigo and (Annotated) “Twitter This” to tweet selective links as you bookmark

Cross platforms support

We’re committed to make Diigo the best cloud-based information management service that enables users to collect, highlight, access and share a variety of information, on a variety of devices. Check out all the platforms and cool apps that Diigo offers (& more to come!) »

To learn more about Diigo, please visit:

Overview Video »
Take the Tour »
Diigo Tools »
Diigo Tutorials/Help »

Happy Diigo-ing!

Is that painless or what?

I expect to see a lot more examples of seamless transfers this year.

As rumors swirl around Delicious, the lure of transferring to a service like Diigo is irresistible.

Here are my Diigo tags. Here are links to 93 articles I’ve written about learning. Here are 86 references to web tools. Or 11 references to brain science.


  • KerrieAnne Christian - January 5, 2011 at 2:47 am -

    thanks for posting this – I follow Harold Jarche as well & appreciate the info & wisdom you both share
    hi Jay
    I’ve moved over to Diigo from Delicious as well about 2 weeks ago – still getting used to it all – I prefer Google Chrome bookmarklet

    and I’m finding it very powerful & I’ve already been sharing some of my tagged bookmarks with others

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