Great graphic captures many forms of learning

Harold Jarche* has a great post today entitled Finding the time for networked learning.

His graphic grabbed me because it synthesizes many concepts, e.g. 70-20-10, role of networked learning, and the framing of learning as independent, interdependent, & dependent.

When I look at the graphic, I see the fingerprints of each member of the Internet Time Alliance. In our collaboration, we learn from one another and build upon each other’s ideas. Jane Hart came up with the 3-part breakdown of learning. Harold elaborated on Jane’s model. Clark Quinn and I have worked in the column. Charles Jennings has promoted the 70-20-10 rule for years. Harold created the graphic, and I lengthened the column to make the it proportional. Five for one and one for five.
*In case you were wondering Jarche is pronounced jar-key. It’s German.

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