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Hot topics in Working Smarter for the past 12 months

posted on
March 19th, 2011
Just Jay

Working Smarter Daily can point to more than today’s hot topics. It will provide pointers to what’s proved important over longer periods of time.

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Here are the hot topics on Working Smarter for the past 12 months:

  1. Launch of Newspaper Extinction Timeline for every country in the world- Ross Dawson, October 31, 2010
  2. How to use Twitter for Social Learning- Social Media for Working & Learning, March 20, 2010
  3. ID – Instructional Design or Interactivity Design in an interconnected world?- Charles Jennings, May 28, 2010
  4. The Org Structure of Enterprise 2.0- Dan Pontefract, April 18, 2010
  5. Twitter for Learning – 55 Great Articles- Tony Karrer, March 24, 2010
  6. Flipboard and Social news curation hits the tipping point- Ross Dawson, August 30, 2010
  7. Twitter as a professional development tool- Social Media for Working & Learning, November 30, 2010
  8. Augmented Reality – Explained by Common Craft- Lee LeFever, March 23, 2010
  9. The Glass Box And The Commonplace Book- Steven Berlin Johnson, April 23, 2010
  10. The connected company- Dave Gray, February 8, 2011
  11. 7 Shifts: The Future of Social Media and Internal Communications- Ross Dawson, August 31, 2010
  12. Using Twitter in a face-to-face Workshop- Social Media for Working & Learning, May 2, 2010
  13. Wikipedia – Explained By Common Craft- Lee LeFever, May 25, 2010
  14. The Pernicious Effects of Advertising and Marketing Agencies Trying To Deliver User Experience Design- Adaptive Path, November 18, 2010
  15. 10 techniques to massively increase retention- Donald Clark Plan B, May 28, 2010
  16. It is the structure of social networks that shapes influence… and the structure is changing- Ross Dawson, February 5, 2011
  17. What is the future of the LMS?- Social Media for Working & Learning, May 4, 2010
  18. The Social Learning Handbook is now available- Jane Hart, January 24, 2011
  19. Things to do at the beginning of each project- Adaptive Path, April 28, 2010
  20. Real learning – let’s not confuse it with completing templated exercises- Charles Jennings, June 18, 2010
  21. Delicious will be shut down. What to do and 6 major alternatives for social bookmarking.- Ross Dawson, December 16, 2010
  22. A top-down approach to social and collaborative learning/working isn’t going to work!- Social Media for Working & Learning, December 4, 2010
  23. What’s Needed First? Culture Change or Enterprise 2.0 Adoption- Dan Pontefract, March 25, 2010
  24. The Data Bubble- Doc Searls , July 31, 2010
  25. The Horizon Report 2011- Jane Hart, February 9, 2011
  26. Map of the Decade, ExaTrends of the Decade, and the Zeitgeist for 2011- Ross Dawson, December 13, 2010
  27. 5 Stages of Workplace Learning- Social Media for Working & Learning, May 7, 2010
  28. Microsoft Sides With Apple on H.264 Video, Leaving Google in the Cold- Marcia Conner (FC), February 4, 2011
  29. What if Flickr fails?- Doc Searls , January 12, 2011
  30. Wikis and Learning – 60 Resources- Tony Karrer, July 13, 2010
  31. The rise of social shopping in 2011: 7 examples of where it is going- Ross Dawson, December 7, 2010
  32. A Practical Guide to using Social Media in your Job- Social Media for Working & Learning, July 15, 2010

You probably don’t want to miss any of these.

Ross Dawson and Jane Hart are certainly making a big impression!

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