"Your call is important to us"

The big companies you call for help know there’s a better way. That’s why outfits like Cisco, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, Symantec, Yahoo!, Dell, Intuit, and Salesforce.com participate in the Consortium for Service Innovation


Advance the state of the art in customer interactions by developing innovative strategies, models and standards.


Business has moved from a model where value came from physical products to a world where value comes from knowledge, influence and relationships. This shift in the source of value requires new models, processes and practices.

Knowledge is the source of value – the by-product of interaction. And it is personal.

The consortium helps you move from the static, linear processes and command and control management practices to a dynamic, knowledge-enabled network with non-linear processes and management values that acknowledge the power of the human spirit.

We are rethinking the Customer Service model and defining how to make the transition that will result in new levels of capability, capacity and loyalty. In our forums we facilitate a process of collective thinking and collective experience. Through the integration of these conversations with academic research and emerging business trends, we develop innovative business strategies and operational models.

Here’s the Consortium’s Executive Director, Greg Oxton, discussing findings from their R&D into service innovation.

I think this approach to business extends far beyond the service side of the organization. The Consortium’s model applies to almost all 21st century business.

The Customer Experience
We have developed a framework or model for thinking about the customer experience – The Funnel and the Cloud. It looks at support from the customer’s point of view.

This model is documented in the Consortium paper “A Demand-Based View of Support” (pdf). The Funnel and the Cloud Model proposes a customer view of support which is much broader perspective than the traditional assisted support model. An integrated view of the various customer interaction channels and realization that support is network are key elements in the scope of the Adaptive Organization. This represents a profound shift in thinking about service and support and proposes that the vast majority of the customer experience for support is not an interaction with the support center (the assisted model) but is through self-service and online communities. The Adaptive Organization seeks to improve the customer experience supporting and learning from customer interactions across the entire customer experience.


One thought on “"Your call is important to us"

  1. Pratik Chourdia

    Good Topic, even covering both Marketing and Daily life section, Follow up and Feedback are 2 important parts of any business and all companies follows that. In India we considers customer as God.

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