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Fantastic talent & learning retreat this weekend

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November 7th, 2011
Just Jay

When people ask me what I like in a conference, I tell them I enjoy events that are…

Kevin Wheeler’s annual Future of Talent Retreat is all these things and more. I’ve taken part every year for the last six!

I thought I’d missed my chance to attend this year’s Retreat while I was galavanting around Brazil. Today I discovered the Retreat had merely been postponed. It’s this Sunday and Monday at the Chaminade, a comfy resort overlooking the Pacific at Santa Cruz. This month’s will be the most intimate Future of Talent Retreat ever, with about a dozen companies taking part. There are four seats left. Join me. 

Artifacts from Past Retreats:

Slideshow of 2008 Retreat, walking the Golden Gate and Angel Island afire

Slideshow of 2006 Retreat kayakers and beach.

Here’s the state of talent management from mid-year 2009:

Here’s my post about the first Future of Talent Retreat back in 2005.

Want to join us to talk about Working Smarter?
The Future of Talent Retreat has always embraced talent, learning, and the future, but in past years, recruiting and talent management have pushed learning to the sidelines.

Maybe it’s time to rebalance. If at least four of us are interested, I’ll hijack sessions where we can discuss working smarter, informal learning, unmanagement, social business, and the future of learning & development. We can invent our own track!

You won’t feel comfortable with the others at the Retreat unless you have a deep understanding of talent, learning, and/or high-level HR issues. You’d also want to be a fearless thinker and brainstormer.

The nominal cost of the event – $2,500 – includes room and board at the Chaminade. However, some Friends-of-Jay scholarships are available. Contact me within the next 24 hours if you’d like to investigate. This is shaping up as another great one!


  • Stephen Downes - November 8, 2011 at 12:54 pm -

    I love how $2500 is a ‘nominal cost’. That’s the business I need to be in!

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