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Online Educa Berlin

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December 9th, 2011
Just Jay

2,154 delegates from 96 countries! Online Educa Berlin retains its title as the most diverse learning conference out there.

This is the speaker reception, one of the best networking events on my annual calendar. Looking at the full size photo (hi-res), I see Richard Staub, Patrick Blum, Dom Graveson, Gunnar Bruckner, Nic Laycock, David Mallon, Charles Jennings, Jack Wills, Sarah Frame, Astrid Jaeger, Harold Elletson, Sann René Glaza, Norm Kamilkow, Willem Manders, and Hans de Zwart. Can you find me?

You might want to check out Learning Technology in European Businesses 2011, a report from Toward Maturity that was issued at the event.

Shell’s Willem Manders and Hans de Zwart led a dynamite pre-conference workshop. Participants created four scenarios for the future environment of learning. We used this framework to reflect on content in the sessions. It’s compelling.

The most energetic session I attended was one that I led, a series of five five-minute Ignite sessions. This was the first time for four out of our five presenters and they were simply outstanding. You can get more from a five-minute Ignite presentation than a one hour lecture. For the life of me, I don’t know why organizations put up with crappy extended meetings instead of using the Ignite formula to get the word out.


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