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Stoos is a village located in the municipality of Morschach. It lies at 1,300 metres in the Swiss canton of Schwyz and has about 100 inhabitants. It is used as a small ski resort with a cable car leading to the Fronalpstock. The village itself is car-free and is accessible via a funicular. (Wikipedia)

Help the Stoos Gathering Transform Management (Forbes)

More Ideas for Jumpstarting the Transformation of Management (Forbes)

The Stoos Network

Starting ideas

The Stoos Network on LinkedIn

The invitation to Stoos

Stoos Network on Twitter

A great summary of the Stoos Gathering from Steve Denning

Photos from the Stoos Gathering

Jay’s initial post on Stoos

Jay’s Stoos Gathering video on YouTube

From Steve Denning, examples of companies that exemplify things we discussed at Stoos:

In terms of companies that exemplify for instance some aspects of the
principles of radical management, here are some possibilities among
some large well-known companies:







Banks: USAA


Li & Fung


Moonshots for Management by Gary Hamel

Extracts from Semco’s “Survival Manual”

Culture at Bridgewater


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