What’s going on here?

Welcome to my new home on the web. If you want to keep up with my blogs, thoughts, learnstream, and so forth, please subscribe below. Internet Time Blog will echo here, so this is where to subscribe to see everything I’m working on.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or have a suggestion, please leave a comment below.

This is also my working site; I stash things here I may want to recall, both funky and formal.

The site’s also a museum. I began blogging in the last century, back when most bloggers knew one another. The stream indexes thousands of posts that document the early days of eLearning, the sweep of informal learning, and the genesis of the working smarter meme.

Don’t miss the goodies

Download a free book.

Zoom the Informal Learning Poster.

Watch us build the Internet Time Lab.


Seminal articles and video

Look around. The Stream is a river of posts from the Internet Time Blog,, the old Informal Learning Blog, and my learnsteams. The Core is 16 categories of Jay: books, reference, and Just Jay. That last one includes The Berkeley Diet and Unmanagement.

Thanks for dropping by.



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