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Flashing the Bat Signal at Internet Time Lab

posted on
March 19th, 2012

Now that the Internet Time Lab is officially open for business, some of you have asked how things work.

We begin with a Skype chat or phone call to scope out your situation. Are you creating a new strategic approach? Tweaking a grand design?┬áConfirming that you’ve made the right choices? In need of a third-party sounding board?

If it makes sense for us to collaborate, you come to Berkeley.

If your project requires multiple heads, we flash up the Bat Signal to rally help at the Lab. Jane, Charles, Clark, Harold, and others in our network may join us in person or virtually.

If you want to bring a team, we’ll transfer our sessions to the Wine Country, the Monterey Peninsula, or Yosemite Valley.

Beyond that, we don’t have many rules. We’re generally ready to go at the drop of a hat.


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