Virtually free conference

I’m attending KM World virtually for the next two days. Presentations are being screened live. I’ll see recordings of part of this: the gun goes off at 5:45 am Pacific and I don’t do that for anybody.

The speaker line-up is great. JSB. David Weinberger. Dave Snowden. Awesome thinkers and explainers!

Here’s the program.

Back-channel: “Follow us before you get to the event at @kmworld and be sure to use #kmworld in your tweets from the conference. Several of our speakers list their Twitter accounts on our site so check them out here and be sure to follow any whose sessions you plan to attend. Be a part of the online conversation!”


I owe KMWorld a debt of gratitude. A dozen years ago I needed to get up to speed on business process automation, knowledge management, and workflow systems. I attended KM World in San Jose gratis and came away with great foundation knowledge. Half a dozen years later, I got Adobe to pay for a beer bash to enable top thinkers in learning (attending DevLearn) to cross-fertilize with the KM World speakers. At that time, we learned that different species do not mate. KM and Learning, peas in a pod, but they usually hang out with one another to this day. It’s genetic.

This time, I’m not attending to grok KM. Rather, I’m considering the next tsunami to hit business, namely, the recognition of emotion in the workplace. I want to see how Emotional Business will play in the framework of KM.

JSB, David Weinberger, and Dave Snowden are my heros. They each have a brilliant take on what’s going on in the world and express it with humor and enthusiasm. These guys always stray outside the lines and take you right to the edge. I’m sure I’ll pick up useful ways of looking at the world as I pursue my calling: building ways to help people thrive in the workplace.