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Best books

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January 7th, 2013
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Last month, I asked “What books would you recommend to someone who’s new to organizational learning and wants a feel for what’s going on?” Here are the answers so far.

learningThe Support Economy | Shoshana Zuboff

Larry Victor recommendation. Jay seconds..

Larry Victor:
Donald Michael’s On Learning to Plan and Planning to Learn. One of my many seminal books. He was one influence behind my re-defining education as Organizing-for Learning=&=Learning-for-Organizing [O4L&L4O].

Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge: Edward Osborne Wilson: 9780679768678: Books

recommended by Mark Oehlert

recommended by David Havis

Specifically for thinking about how what you do must align to the org you’re trying to support. More appropriate for L&D leaders perhaps but this principle should guide what everyone in organizational learning does.

Aaron: +1 for “Gamestorming” because as we get more into experience design, Gamestorming provides an interesting set of tools to help with such design.

Aaron Silvers: “Emergence by SBJ would be my first pick on this subject. I would also suggest “Connecting Inner Power with Global Change: The Fractal Ladder” by +Pravir Malik. It is an illuminating and heavy read.

“In our view, the kind of learning that will define the twenty-first century is not taking place in a classroom—at least not in today’s classroom. Rather, it is happening all around us, everywhere, and it is powerful. We call this phenomenon the new culture of learning, and it is grounded in a very simple question: What happens to learning when we move from the stable infrastructure of the twentieth century to the fluid infrastructure of the twenty-first century, where technology is constantly creating and responding to change?”

The New Social Learning: A Guide to Transforming Organizations Through Social Media
by Marcia Conner and Tony Bingham

The best book on using social media to support learning. Especially good are the typical objections and how to respond to them.


Learning Everywhere: How Mobile Content Strategies are Transforming Training (9781605440170): Chad Udell: Books

Chad Udell Dec 20, 2012

Shameless self plug here: – My book, Learning Everywhere.

The reviews have been good thus far, and it was picked up by Connie Malamed on her eLearning Coach blog:

If you’ve read it, I’d love to hear what you think about it! If you’ve not read it, I’d be pleased if you consider adding it to your queue.

“Chad UdellDec 20, 2012
Rebuen Tozman has a lot to be proud of with his new book Learning On Demand. This book will change your views on learning design and deployment forever.

It truly is a wonderful introduction to the power of the web and what we as a community can do when we free our content from the shackles of proprietary tooling and embrace the standards of the web and open formats.

Don’t miss this.”

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