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Happiness for millions

posted on
January 25th, 2013

My calling is to make people happy. Millions of people. Particularly people in the rat race we call business. Most deserve more fulfilling, inspired lives.

Let me say it again: my calling is to make people happy. Lots of people.

My studies of happiness taught me that people who are content and satisfied with their lives are usually committed to a life’s mission, something bigger than themselves. “Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugar water to kids or would you like to come with me and change the world?” asked Steve. “Don’t settle.”

When I took up studying well being last year, I vowed to be my own guinea pig. I wouldn’t recommend something I could not vouch for from direct experience. I revised my personal mission statement. I dedicated myself to making a million or more people happier. The million people project is selfish. The closer I get, the more life-satisfaction karma I receive for working on a mega challenge. I get happy by making others happy. Cool. I can’t say whether the personal goal has given me a boost but I am just starting.

My Our happiness project is pro bono for now. Part of my payback. I want to thank the world’s people for putting a smile on my face. Life has been very, very good to me. Alleluia.

Perhaps we’ll offer some workshops next month.

This week I attended the first local user group meeting of the Greater Good Science Center. Re-channeling the Center’s authoritative feeds into business environments could be quite lucrative.

My next piece, for whatever column or vendor publicist is interested, will be about how to identify what you’re good at and enjoy — and then find ways to maximize the use of those fun skill-sets.

My happiness-in-business archive is here.

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