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Reinventing management, the Stoos movement

posted on
January 26th, 2013

Full house (10) for today’s Hangout on Air. I don’t know how many watched on YouTube.

We had a good discussion of the Stoos Movement and combining agile with management. Or replacing management with agile.


Slides from Hangout:

Transcript from Hangout:

You invited people into the hangout.

Peter Isackson

9:49 AM

Hi Jay

You invited people into the hangout.

Loretta Donovan

10:37 AM

Given my audio issues, I’ll text. In the healthcare industry, there is agile behavior without agile management.

Individual performers (nurses, MDs, technicians) need to be aware of the results of their actions. But leadership does not.

Bjorn Billhardt

10:40 AM

Great listening to everyone – my plane is leaving so I have to log off. Thanks for organizing Jay!

Loretta Donovan

10:42 AM

Tenure, academic publishing, the “old boys club” are holding back the business schools.

Jim McGee

10:43 AM

@Loretta – excellent point about existing organizational reward systems

Loretta Donovan

10:45 AM

I’m seeing the Boards of some organizations playing a greater role in shifting management models.

Most of that is caused by the economics of doing business.


10:46 AM

Jeff— The guy in Seattle who has used agile throughout his organization is Bill Justice. I’ll try to track down his coordinates.

Jim McGee

10:46 AM

Boards have the advantage of being more aware of the external environment than management

Loretta Donovan

10:46 AM

Jim, I agree.

Jim McGee

10:47 AM

time for us all to reread Alinky’s “Rules for Radicals”

Loretta Donovan

10:49 AM


Jeff Tillett

10:58 AM

This was great Jay thanks for sharing the conversation as always!

Peter Isackson
11:01 AM
I have to leave. Thanks. Bye.

Loretta Donovan
11:02 AM
Excellent point, Dave.

Dave Ferguson
11:03 AM
Thank you all. Jay, I appreciate the invitation.

Anne Adrian
11:04 AM
thank you; interesting perspectives..always learning

Loretta Donovan
11:04 AM
Great discussion, everyone. Thanks, Jay.

Jeff Tillett
11:04 AM
Great hangout everyone!

Janet Laane Effron
11:04 AM
Thanks! Nice to have had the chance to stop in

Jim McGee
11:04 AM
thanks Jay as always for your enterpreneurial energy


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