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Friday Hangout, Feb 8 – now 10:00 am

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February 5th, 2013
Just Jay

comcoverThe Learning Community now has 345 members. Invite your friends. Tell the staff.

The broader our Community, the more likely it will shower us with great collective intelligence and fun camaraderie. Only connect.

Drop by the Google+ Learning Community Hangout this Friday at 9:00 am Pacific | 12:00 pm Eastern | 5:00 pm Greenwich Mean | 6:00 pm Berlin | Abu Dhabi 9:00 pm | Shanghai 1:00 am | Sydney 4:00 am | Honolulu 7:00 am. Come to the Learning Community page on Google at the anointed hour and you’ll receive an invitation.

UPDATE. The Hangout will take place Friday at 10:00 am Pacific, not 9:00 am. Harold Jarche will be joining us.

Our Hangouts are still in Beta. This Friday we’re seeing how a weekday Hangout compares to a Saturday. If you’ve got topic, day, and time preferences, please let me know; you could leave a comment below. If you’re unfamiliar with Google+ Hangouts, you should join us just to experience the platform: it’s going to shake up the video conferencing field.

Our Hangouts are “On Air.” That means that anyone on the web can listen in and watch them live. When the ten seats “on stage” are filled, the streaming video on YouTube is what to watch. You can tweet questions to us. Here are after-the-fact recordings of previous sessions.

Topic: The Stoos Gathering and new models for corporations, management, and leadership
Uploaded time: Jan 26, 2013 Duration:1:07 Views: 62

Topic: Why aren’t corporations supporting informal learning?
Uploaded time: Jan 19, 2013 Duration:1:08 Views: 144

See you Friday?


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