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Informal learning and Stoos management in four slides (Netflix)

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February 7th, 2013

Harold Jarche posted this to the internal Internet Time Alliance network yesterday: “Check out slides 115-118″ I did. I was blown away.

Here ’tis:

Culture (Original 2009 version) from Reed Hastings

I’m writing the sequel to Informal Learning. Yet here, the CEO of Netflix gave most of my message four years ago in four slides. Four freaking slides. In case you don’t have time for the whole presentation, here are slides Harold recommended:

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This is beautiful because it is honest, clear, and reasonable.

If everyone in an organization pledged allegiance to these principles, organizations would be better places.

The author is the CEO and Co-founder of Netflix. I’m going to do my damnest to find out how he came to this enlightened stance.

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