Jay Cross helps people work and live smarter. Jay is the Johnny Appleseed of informal learning. He wrote the book on it. He was the first person to use the term eLearning on the web. He has challenged conventional wisdom about how adults learn since designing the first business degree program offered by the University of Phoenix.

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Internet Time Lab

Individuals and small groups visit the Internet Time Lab in the hills of Berkeley, California, for innovation, fresh thinking, and inspiration among the redwoods.

“The Lab” is the Retreat Center of the Internet Time Alliance. We host client off-sites here and in the California Wine Country, the Monterey Peninsula, and Yosemite Valley.

Last weekend, Harold and I helped three senior healthcare executives rough out blueprints for a massive shift of funding from college programs to social networks and knowledge repositories. Two weeks ago the founders of an eLearning company that helps start-ups learn leadership dropped by for an extended strategy session. Charles and I are going to be running C-level executive management retreats and technology updates.

Our staffing is like Mission Impossible. We quickly assess the task and then flip through the photos of Jane, Charles, Harold, Clark, and I and a number of our friends. We pick the team, the music starts, and off we go. We become your thought partners. We map out what has to happen. A month hence, you could be headed in a new direction. Impossible missions are our specialty.

Our proposition is rather simple. We have no overhead, no staff, no bureaucracy. The Internet Time Alliance will give you higher quality advice than you’d receive from McKinsey or Deloitte for 10% of what they would charge you.

The Internet Time Lab is a place for exploring new frontiers and thinking big. Carved out of the lower floors of Jay’s house in North Berkeley, the Lab is an intimate space comprised of a white-boarding design studio looking out on a small grove of redwoods and a library/meeting room and deck. Groups of one to four managers visit the Lab to escape their day-to-day confines and develop breakthrough approaches to organizational challenges.


A one- or two-day retreat at the Lab is a highly personalized experience. Dialog with Jay and members of the Internet Time Alliance is punctuated with walks in a neighboring nature preserve.


Internet Time Lab is fifteen miles east of San Francisco, directly opposite the Golden Gate. 30 Poppy Lane in Berkeley. We also convene meetings in Monterey and the Wine Country to foster great thinking. Map

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“Jay is a pioneer in the field of learning, a pioneer who believes in taking the Conestoga across wild ranges himself. That is, he not only has a sense of where the most interesting leading edges of learning are, he experiments with them. He walks the talk as much and as often as he can. Those experiences, plus his informed intuition, equip Jay to communicate a very useful point of view to organizations and individuals alike who need to understand how to work smarter. I’ve worked with Jay in multiple setting and find him constantly asking great questions, experimenting with new forms and formats, and convening groups of skilled practitioners in these areas.”

Jerry Michalski, Founder, The REXpedition

“Jay is a thought leader, guru, gourmet, wine lover, informal learning expert – in short a polymath. The Internet Time Lab is his brain child. It collects, curates, and disseminates the learning of hundreds. If you have a need to know what is state of the art – or edgy – or beyond that, Jay and his network know. He has a wide array of contacts and is globally aware, with a keen sense of what works and does not work in learning. He has spent his life trying to improve – in fact, reinvent – the tools and processes we are all subjected to in the hope we learn something. Spend an hour with Jay, and you will learn more than a month with most people. He can add real value to your organization and his contacts and network is large, deep, and varied.”

Kevin Wheeler, Founder and Chairman, Future of Talent Institute

“Jay is a connector of ideas and people, with a rich personal history of experience coaching and consulting businesses and their leaders. Tapping into that knowledge requires more than a report – it requires conversations that occur organically. Among the redwoods overlooking Berkeley, California, Jay designed the Internet Time Lab to capture ideas as they’re born. As a guide and a coach on such ideational journeys, Jay is particularly effective at drawing out the ideas, making them explicit, and mentoring the kinds of skills to continue doing this yourself.“

Aaron Silvers, Chief Learning Officer, Problem Solutions

“I met Jay while working as Director of Education & Training for a division of Intel. He was a thought leader for an in-house think tank focusing on talent management and development. Jay synthesized divergent content and challenged the participants (all senior players in our profession) to think anew about the direction of our organizations. Jay is incredible to work with. This is not the slick entertainment you get from companies like Covey or Blanchard, which fit the needs of new leaders. Jay delivers new ideas for experienced leaders, not cliches.”

Allison Anderson, Intel

Being at the edge of new ideas and having the courage to explore the unknown is the essence of what Jay Cross can provide. In 2005 we were just getting weak signals that the use of open source technologies might be coalescing into a movement. Some of us had experimented with blogs and wikis. Few of us had a presence personally or professionally as a result of those experiments. With Jay’s insights and an online unconference, I was thrust into a new way of thinking, acting and engagement that has lasted till today. Jay can offer specific solutions. But his strength is in the pull he continually sustains that invites you to think beyond the known to unexplored possibilities.”
Loretta Donovan, Founder, Worksmarts Group
“Jay was one of the first people I met in the training industry once I started my company and he helped us grow by connecting us to the important people in learning and development. Apart from the fact that he’s a fellow Harvard Business School grad, I endorse Jay because he’s wicked smart, a like-minded contrarian, and exceptionally well connected. One of the few great independent thinkers our industry has to offer.”

Bjorn Billhardt, CEO, Enspire Learning

“I’ve been to Jay’s house, where the Internet Time Lab is rooted. I value Jay highly both for his professional thought leadership and for his personal attitude. He’s really good at combining advice based on his solid experience and future outlook with catalyzing your own thoughts. The perfect partner for clarifying strategic opportunities.”

Herwig Rollett, Head of Research Cooperation, Know-Center

“Jay Cross is a mastermind thinking innovator and someone who can see, much before everyone else, new ways and strategies to learn, organize and manage more effectively. If you are looking for someone with whom to get away from the office to explore the future, co-develop change strategies, and brainstorm fresh new approaches and ideas Jay may be indeed an excellent option to try out.”

Robin Good, Publisher – Editor in Chief, MasterNewMedia

“Jay has a wonderful ability to push the envelope, challenge thinking, facilitate new, creative ways of looking at the world and how we learn. He has broken a great deal of new ground in the area of learning and development and is an inspiration and a thought leader. He has been a generous contributor to my own learning and technology-related research projects.”

Elizabeth Valentine, Chief Executive, Aviation, Tourism and Travel Training Organisation (Inc)

“Jay is a true thought leader and polymath. He has the ability to grasp the concept of your business situation quickly and efficiently then ruthlessly challenge your pre-conceptions and assumptions before leading you blinking into the light of new ideas. If you want someone to help you create learning organizations, then Jay is the man to call.”

Hugh Greenway, CEO, Reed Learning

“Recently we implemented a model of informal learning at one of Brazil’s largest telecom companies that was unsatisfied with its antiquated call-center services. We aimed to increase in the quality of service, but the results were far greater, delivering skilled people in half the time with a positive attitude and absolute confidence when talking with customers.”

Luiz Algarra, Fundador, Papagallis

“Jay’s grasp of people and trends makes him an invaluable partner in exploration of the organizational unknowns around learning and knowledge and a key partner in taking the risk to move into what was unthinkable–and soon will be a necessity in your business.”

Claudia Bloom-Darby, First Vice President and Senior Consultant, Omega Performance

“Two words come to mind to describe Jay Cross: enthusiastic and imaginative. While somehow always rooted in the real world, Jay has the ability to see what others cannot, and dream farther on them than most other people I have met, especially in the e-learning space. He brings a sense of excitement to his knowledge, which is deep and plentiful.”

Jill Duffy, Senior Editor, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

“Jay is the one of the people I rely on to help me think outside the box, to test out new learning and development strategies and ideas, and to confirm social media trends and issues. His fresh and unique perspective, combined with his years of experience, are priceless!”

Eric Davidove, Senior Director – Learning and Development CoE, Yahoo!

“Over the years, Jay has become an enduring source of inspiration for me in the field of development and future-proof organizations. You’ll find that Jay looks past the fads of today and the obvious of tomorrow and disrupts into a sensible and sustainable future beyond that. Working with Jay will provoke you for the better.”

Bert De Coutere, Business Area Manager, IBM Global Business Services

Jay has a unique ability to look at systems and perceived wisdom and help you create a new perspective. His insights, experience and desire to make sense of organizations and improve performance are refreshing and if you’ve got a chance to work with Jay I’d encourage you to grab it with both hands.”

Peter Casebow, CEO, Good Practice Ltd