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Less is more

A suggestion from Avi Charkham:

When I learn at work I need posts of no more than 20-30 lines. I want a quick in/quick out situation where I can snap up a bit of information and go on. It would help if long posts would be split, not randomly but according to some logical structure.

The way we think about writing a post or other instructional material needs to convey concepts in smaller logical chunks.

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Ecosystem Query, 2

Learning Ecosystem

Here’s a simpler rendition of what I was trying to ask yesterday.

Learning consists of people interacting with other people and with stuff. Learning professionals work on improving connections, having the right information on tap, and opening up the conduits to the sources of learning. They focus on everything but the learner. I don’t understand why we stop before addressing this last piece of the learning ecosystem.

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Learning Ecosystem Question

Here’s an oversimplified view of a learning ecosystem. Bear with me.

A learner interacts with stuff through what I’ll call pipes and with people through relationships. A net connection is one form of pipe; webpages and other information are stuff. Interactions with people and stuff lead to learning.

Learning Ecosystem

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Unworkshops start Monday, Feb 28

Learning with Blogs, Wikis, and Web 2.0 Tools

February 28 – March 16
Tuesdays & Thursdays

6 one-hour sessions + hands-on labs for $300

us right away if you’re interested.

Sign up for this session and receive a free copy of Robert Scobel’s Naked Conversations.

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ASTD TechKnowledge 06

TechKnowledge 06This morning, hundreds of us packed the ballroom of the new Hyatt Regency Colorado Convention Center for the opening of TechKnowledge 06. Incoming ASTD president Kevin Oakes thanked the Rocky Mountain Chapter, advisory boards, hard-working staff, platinum sponsors, silver sponsors, planning committees, and others. Kevin and I go back quite a ways; Oakes Interactive was hawking training multimedia before the Web was invented. If I’m not mistaken, Kevin’s the first educational technolgy specialist to lead ASTD.
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Picutres > words

Denver is beautiful. View of the Rockies from the 31st floor of my hotel.

The Colorado History Museum is a reminder that Colorado is more pioneer and cowboyish than Texas.

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be conducting a 75-minute unworkshop at ASTD TechKnowledge in Denver. Come on down. It’s in the Capitol Ballroom 5/6 at 1:45. My topic is Blogs, Wikis, and Self-Service Learning. Since I won’t be using PowerPoint, I’m going to stash a few pointers here.

Interesting Blogs


  • Dooce,
    DOOCED: to lose one’s job because of one’s website.
  • Boing Boing,
    most popular site on the net
  • Lifehacker,
    MacGiver meets the web.



The blog we created during today’s session.
Get your free blog at Blogger.

PB Wiki,
the free wiki service we talked about.

Jay’s Informal Learning blog.
The new workshop series on today’s topics and more.

Announcing the Unworkshops

informlInformal Learning and the Web were made for one another. I want to show you how.

Join our online “unworkshop” next month and learn how to use web tools to improve learning effectivenss. You will:

  •  set up your own blog and wiki
  •  record a podcast
  •  syndicate sites
  •  experiment with Web 2.0 sites like and FlickR
  •  see how others are applying these technologies

I will personally lead five or six original live webinars. Fun is assured.

bookThe first dozen people who sign up will receive free copies of Naked Conversations : How Blogs are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers, the brand-new business best-seller by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel.

Information and sign-up


Berkeley Blogger Dinner

Tonight about 40 of us attended a Blogger Dinner at Taste of the Himalayas, a Nepali restaurant in Berkeley. It was too noisy to hear and too cramped to move arounnd. Steve Gillmor walked in, couldn’t find a seat, and walked out. I had interesting conversations with half a dozen people, a disappointingly small number for one of these events. Most folks were from Berkeley or Oakland. Scott Beale kidded that he hailed from the West Bay (AKA San Francisco). Steve Hill maintains a beautiful cycling/travel site.

Was this a Blogger Dinner or a Geek Dinner? Sylvia Paull, who hosts Berkeley’s weekly Geek Breakfast and hosts occasional Nerd Walks, seemed to prefer Blogger Dinner, so that is how I will refer to it. In the comments appended to the event announcement, I asked, “Is Berkeley becoming the epicenter of the blogosphere?” to which someone immediately responded, “It already is.”

These are the business cards of Reg Cheramy, a Canadian fellow who writes Web 2.0 Central, sort of Michael Arrington of the north. Get it? Tags. Tags are what makes Web 2.0 rock.

ASTD TechKnowledge

astdIf you’re attending ASTD TechKnowledge in Denver, drop by my session at 1:45 on Tuesday 1/31, for a preview of the workshops I’ll be offering starting next month.

We’ll set up a blog, play with a wiki, talk about informal learning, mash it up with Web 2.0, and give you something to take back home.

As consultants go, I’m relatively cheap. Pick up my tab at The Buckhorn, and I’ll answer any question you can throw at me. Just look at this menu: rattlesnake, Rocky Mountain oysters, buffalo, elk (elk!), quail, and gator tail, served up in a saloon right out of Gunsmoke.

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