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Survey on Extreme or Informal Learning

From my pal Curt Bonk at Indiana University:

My research team and I from the Instructional Systems Technology Department at Indiana University are conducting a study titled, “Collecting Stories of Extreme or Informal Learning.” This study explores how people learn (and teach) with technology in unique and nontraditional ways. One strand of this research is on the use of open educational resources, OCW, and popular learning portals like MIT OpenCourseWare and the MIT OpenCourseWare Highlights for High School. My team believes that users of the MIT OpenCourseWare Website as well as the MIT OpenCourseWare Highlights for High School are ideal participants for this study and invite them to take our survey.

Dr. Bonk

The 45-question survey is here. I suggest you take it.

I’m finishing up my next book, Informal Learning in Business. Writing it has reinforced my belief that the way to become a better learner is to construct a better network. A early step is reflecting on your current network. Who are you connected to? Where do you go to learn things? What’s your recent experience?

Curt’s survey will forced me to reflect on those things. It’s a worthwhile exercise.

What’s missing from the informal learning discussion

At mLearnCon, I chatted with Float’s Jeff Tillett for a few minutes about why people should be interested in the upcoming experiential learning workshop.

You can hear the entire conversation on the Float Learning Blog. Jeff and I chat about mLearning, Tin Can, innovation, happiness, neuroscience, and my upcoming experiential workshop.

Learn Informal Learning Informally

As soon as I can round up nine participants, I’ll be offering an experiential workshop on Informal Learning in the corporation. Here’s a preliminary description. Take a look, then tell me how much you think I should charge, whether anyone in your organization might want to sign up, and what else you’d like to see.

[Preliminary feedback: Go for it. Charge $1,000 – $1,200. Add customer learning. Consider offering a companion MOOC. Cover change management, too.]

with Jay Cross

Five interactive video conversations with Jay
Hands-on experiential learning
Limit of nine participants
Identify high-impact opportunities
Focus on a project for your company that delivers $100,000+ in benefits
Review cases and examples of successful implementations
Benchmark your organization against peers
Develop and sell your implementation plan

Four to twelve hours/week for five weeks
Collaborate with a self-organizing team to solve problems
Form an on-going community of practice
Tweet, blog, link, bookmark, narrate, and record
Network socially with Socialcast, Buddypress, GoToMeeting, Google+

Become a Performance Ninja
The month-long event is appropriate for decision-makers, designers, CLOs, innovation leaders, managers of communications, and others who want to accelerate learning in their organization.

This is the alpha version of this workshop. The downside is that occasionally things will go off the rails. The upside is that you’ll receive personal attention and have a voice in selecting what we cover.

This workshop is not a course. It’s more like Outward Bound meets Oxford. You learn by doing.

By the close of the workshop, you will be able to…

  • understand what informal learning is, how it works, why it’s important
  • experience learning hands-on through collaborative work, community, search, social software, blogs and tweets
  • find out how to integrate learning into workflow
  • review models, cases, archetypes of successful informal learning
  • gain metalearning perspective, think ecologically
  • spot the fakes, e.g. “managing informal learning”
  • identify opportunities to improve performance by a minimum of $100,000
  • prepare a business case for that informal learning project
  • estimate business impact and sell the concept internally
  • implementation plan, change management, cost/benefit

You will receive

Two books and the Informal Learning poster

Everyone receives:

  • copy of Informal Learning, Rediscovering the Natural Pathways that Inspire Learning and Performance
  • electronic copy of The Working Smarter Fieldbook: Informal Learning in the Cloud
  • >300 PowerPoint slides for use in explaining concept to others
  • hi-res copy of the informal learning poster
  • membership in ongoing support network
  • Certificate of Participation

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