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Half a dozen years of journals and notebooks are migrating from my shelves to recycling. I need the space — and I don’t have much use for yesterday’s thinking. I had to save a few memorable entries. Here’s The Great Divide (from the age of material to the age of relationships). How people learn… Basics […] Continue reading

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Remembering is vital. In fact, remembering is as important as learning itself. There’s no point in learning something if you forget it before you can put it to use. Yet research finds that people forget the majority of what they learn in workshops and classrooms. Typically, only 15% of what’s covered in a workshop ever […] Continue reading

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The Tale of Two Cultures

Effectiveness, Chief Learning Officer magazine, June 2013. This is the article as submitted; the printed version may vary. Most columnists in CLO magazine advocate something they’re sure of. This column is different: it’s about an issue I’m not at all sure of but I think it important and would enjoy getting your opinion.   In 1959, British […] Continue reading

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50 suggestions for implementing 70-20-10

Things should be as simple as possible, but no simpler. implementing 70-20-10 is not simple. Sharing 50 suggestions on putting 70-20-10 to work has consumed five posts spread over two months. Today the series is complete. Here’s what you’ll find: Post 1   Post 2   Post 3   Post 4   Post 5 Post 1 People learn their jobs by […] Continue reading

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The User Illusion

The User Illusion, Cutting Consciousness Down to Size, by Tor Norretranders, published 1991 in Danish, English translation 1998. Key: We’re primarily nonconscious. Shorthand: conscious self = “I”; unconscious self = “me” Training and preparation are key to any performance. The most important thing about training is that the I comes to trust the Me. The I learns […] Continue reading

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Free Jay webinar. Win a great book.

Join me for an hour on the last day of April to explore how to make learning stick. Register. I’ve unearthed some exciting material about how people convert learning to action in the workplace — how to make it stick. You folks know so much about how to increase the productivity of learning. Something old, something new, […] Continue reading

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Modularity, BMWs, & MOOCs

Recognize this? It cost me $1,000. When my car was detailed, this part of the steering column was damaged. It doesn’t come any smaller. You can’t buy these individually.     BMW has decreed that you have to buy all these parts, even when some of them are perfectly okay. (My car’s issue was with […] Continue reading

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Innovation + Quality

Learning Innovations and Quality Conference: “The Future of Digital Resources” LINQ is the only European conference to cover both Learning Innovations and Learning Quality. I will deliver the opening keynote on Friday, May 17th, at the Global Headquarters of United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Rome.   Continue reading

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Virtually free conference

I’m attending KM World virtually for the next two days. Presentations are being screened live. I’ll see recordings of part of this: the gun goes off at 5:45 am Pacific and I don’t do that for anybody. The speaker line-up is great. JSB. David Weinberger. Dave Snowden. Awesome thinkers and explainers! Here’s the program. Back-channel: […] Continue reading

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Entrepreneurial Learning

Jane Hart pointed me to this presentation by John Seely Brown on the Entrepreneurial Learner. DML2012 John Seely Brown Keynote from DML Research Hub on Vimeo. Entrepreneurial learners are makers and tinkerers. This is where knowledge and practice meet.   Continue reading

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