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Informal learning and Stoos management in four slides (Netflix)

Harold Jarche posted this to the internal Internet Time Alliance network yesterday: “Check out slides 115-118″ I did. I was blown away. Here ’tis: Culture (Original 2009 version) from Reed Hastings I’m writing the sequel to Informal Learning. Yet here, the CEO of Netflix gave most of my message four years ago in four […] Continue reading

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Reinventing management, the Stoos movement

Full house (10) for today’s Hangout on Air. I don’t know how many watched on YouTube. We had a good discussion of the Stoos Movement and combining agile with management. Or replacing management with agile. YouTube: Slides from Hangout: Transcript from Hangout: You invited people into the hangout. Peter Isackson 9:49 AM Hi Jay You […] Continue reading

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World Stoos Day

Stoos (rhymes with close or dose) is a mountain village of 100 inhabitants at 1,300 metres in the center of Switzerland. People come to ski.   A year ago, twenty of us met on the mountaintop in Stoos to imagine management and business anew. Peter Stevens sent invitations: Steve Denning, Jurgen Appelo, Franz Röösli and […] Continue reading

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Management 3.0 from Jurgen Appelo

Jurgen Appelo plays with more models of how things ought to work than anyone I else I know. His book Management 3.0 presents, assesses, and sometimes interconnects with agile, people-oriented processes relentlessly. I’m a fan. See his blog. And this presentation: Management 3.0 in 50 minutes from Jurgen Appelo Jurgen and I met at the Stoos […] Continue reading

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Now is the Time for India to Democratize Learning

A synopsis of my remarks to Emerging Directions in Global Education 2011, Delhi, India For the first 60 seconds, we listened to Yoyo Ma playing Bach’s Cello Suite #1 in G as the flowers unfolded.   As time speeds up, … Continue reading

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The Human Age

White paper by ManpowerGroup asserting that it’s not the connections that matter but the people they connect.

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Creating New Leaders for the 21st Century

Creating New Leaders for the 21st Century (1) Creating New Leaders for the 21st Century (2)

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Post-Stoos Video

Stoos video interviews are up. See the Stoos Channel on YouTube. Before the gathering in Stoos, Steve Denning put together this comparison of approaches to transforming management. I’ve revisited the document again and again.

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The Agile Learning Train is Leaving the Station

I’d planned to begin posting my thoughts about how this Unmanagement/Stoos business impacts the administration and operation of corporate training. My friend Dawn Paulos at Xyleme beat me to the punch. Today, the expectations of learners are much different than they were only … Continue reading

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Beyond Budgeting

The Leader’s Dilemma: How to Build an Empowered and Adaptive Organization Without Losing Control by Jeremy Hope, Peter Bunce, and Franz Röösli The Leader’s Dilemma describes a practical new approach to management that has grown out of a dozen years of … Continue reading

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