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How to Replace Top-Down Training with Collaborative Learning (3)

Third post in a series. In case you missed it, here are the first and second. INFRASTRUCTURE Technological infrastructure for social learning Work and learning are converging, and as this change happens, the infrastructure of the old corporate learning must go – things like traditional one-size-fit-all in-person training seminars. In its place enters social and informal learning […] Continue reading

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Well-being and corporate learning

My presentation on Well-being and Corporate Learning to the Learning and Skills Group. Happy employees are 31% more productive on the job and make 37% more sales. They are 200% more creative than their sad peers. Happiness is but one aspect of well being. Researchers have correlated well being with academic performance. Join Jay to […] Continue reading

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The Daily Tweets

I did not want to like, the new, personal Twitter aggregater. Just more clutter, I thought to myself. Nonetheless, it is so easy to set up, I filled in the blank with my Twitter list of Internet Time Alliance … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 Expo

May 3-5. San Francisco. Internet Time Alliance will be there. For the free part. Exhibits, unconference, and keynotes. Register here. Since this is half an O’Reilly gig, I wonder why it still has the Web 2.0 monitor. Didn’t Tim O’Reilly … Continue reading

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Secrets of Working Smarter

Learning Solutions Magazine Working Smarter: Informal Learning in the Cloud by Jay Cross and Friends By Jane Bozarth March 30, 2010 One of the things I like best about Twitter is the collegial, friendly fire-ish banter among L & D … Continue reading

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Jay's latest book focuses on social & informal learning in the cloud

The January 2010 Edition of Working Smarter was released today. Subtitled Informal Learning in the Cloud, this edition focuses on social learning and implementing web 2.0 technology. The hardcopy version of Working Smarter costs $19.98. Believe me, I’m not trying … Continue reading

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The book stops here…

Here: February 15-19, 2010 Tony O’Driscoll and Karl Kapp have a book coming out next month — Learning in 3D: Adding a New Dimension to Collaboration and Learning. Amazon’s blurb: Understanding the impact that 3D environments, virtual worlds, and immersive learning … Continue reading

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Virtual sessions at Online Educa

Guten Tag! You are invited to attend several virtual sessions of Online Educa Berlin. Thursday, December 3 Tools of the Trade, Jane Hart 16:30-17:30 Berlin 10:30 New York 15:30 London World Time: Friday, December 4 Pecha Kucha 11:30 – … Continue reading

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LearnTrends Live: Harold Jarche on PKM

Personal Knowledge Management BIG KM (corporate) |  Little KM | Personal KM Lots going on. Books, blogs, bookmarks, tags, etc. Harold asked himself, “What is it I actually do?” “Sorting” means filtering one’s sources. Weekly overview of interesting stuff found … Continue reading

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Learning = getting the job done

DevLearn marked a significant shift in the field of corporate learning. Content and planning have become secondary to getting the job done. In today’s world, that means trusting workers to learn for themselves. The natives are taking control. Learning is … Continue reading

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