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Happiness deck

Prototype for happiness/well-being card deck. What do you think? My calling is to help a millon people lead happier and more satisfying lives. Mainly business people caught up in the rat race. There’s great hope and cause for celebration. Moore’s Law favors us all. Help me reach a million by the end of the year. […] Continue reading

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Can your team’s marriage be saved?

Can This Marriage Be Saved? by Jay Cross Return to:   The National Institute of Mental Health spent millions of your tax dollars to build John and Julie Gottman a Love Lab. At the lab, personnel observed thousands of couples. They shot video, monitored heart rates, jitteriness and skin conductivity. They amassed recordings of […] Continue reading

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Emotional Business

D R A F T Some of you have inquired about my research into happiness and well-being. I paused the project for six weeks. Upon return, I realized there’s a lot more to it. Taking a broader perspective, I realized you can’t deal with happiness without addressing joy, gratitude, serenity, interest, hope, pride, amusement, inspiration, […] Continue reading

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Your character strengths

You can achieve more success by fully leveraging your strengths than by shoring up your weaknesses. Spend twenty minutes to take the VIA Survey of Character Strengths on the Authentic Happiness site. Find opportunities to apply your strengths in everything you do. You’ll be happier. Do it. It works. Christoper Peterson Christopher Peterson, the godfather […] Continue reading

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Greater Good Science Center

I just got back from the first local member meeting of the Greater Good Science Center here in Berkeley. Started by a grant a dozen years ago, Greater Good was a print magazine. The founders imagined “an organization that would identify the roots of healthy relationships and flourishing individuals, exploring qualities such as compassion, altruism, […] Continue reading

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Happiness is yours for the taking

  Thirty years ago my boss gave me an assignment I’ll never forget. “I’ve rented a Santa Claus costume for tonight’s Christmas party,” he said. “Great!” I replied. “And you are going to wear it,” he told me. That evening I changed into the red suit and beard in the parking lot San Francisco’s Pier […] Continue reading

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Giving my computers a break

Ten years ago next month, Clifford Nass and Byron Reeves published The Media Equation: How People Treat Computers, Television, and New Media Like Real People and Places. The Stanford profs had conducted a series of standard psychology experiments but substituted a computer for one of the participants. From the Amazon review: “Fresh evidence of human gullibility […] Continue reading

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Sitting kills

  Taking a Stand for Office Ergonomics The health hazards of sitting for long stretches are significant even for people who are quite active when they’re not sitting down Still, scientists have determined that after an hour or more of sitting, the production of enzymes that burn fat in the body declines by as much […] Continue reading

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Update from Europe

Foreign environments exhilarate me. I just got back from Online Educa Berlin and a series of private conversations in Europe. Insights are overflowing my ability to record them and I’m having a ball. Online Educa always leaves a special afterglow. Over the course of three days, I conversed with hundreds of colleagues from forty or fifty […] Continue reading

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Formula for happiness

I spent Monday and Tuesday getting inspired at the Future of Talent Retreat. This is my eighth year in row. Every returning alumnus said they inevitably depart with new ways of looking at the world. Kevin Wheeler pulls insights out of the group that we didn’t know were there. Yes, I am biased but it’s not because […] Continue reading

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