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In his keynote presentation at Online Educa Berlin last week, Howard Rheingold emphasized co-learning. Since the teacher learns more than the student, let’s all be both teachers and students. Esteemed co-learners, your job is to create new co-learning communities. If … Continue reading Continue reading

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Learning out loud

Go ahead. Peak into my brain. New thoughts are percolating but the outcomes are still fuzzy. I’m soundly convinced that Learning Platforms are crowding out Learning Programs. This is an inevitable part of moving from Stocks to Flows, from Push to Pull, from institutional control to personal freedom, and from rigid industrialism to flexible, more […] Continue reading

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Why isn’t L&D embracing informal learning?

A Google+ Hangout with Craig Wiggings, Charles Jennings, Enzo Silva, Pascal le Rudulier, Clark Quinn, and Jay Cross.

Rough Agenda
Chat Transcript
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How to replace top-down training with collaborative learning (1)

The Twenty-First Century Corporation Businesses around the world are transforming into extended enterprise networks but their training departments are stuck in the previous century. In the pursuit of trying to fix what’s broken, let’s imagine what ideal corporate learning would look like if we could start over from scratch. In the 1800s and 1900s, successful companies […] Continue reading

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Working Smarter in the 21st Century

Three-minute video explains why old approaches to learning and development no longer work.

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Online Educa

Participants at Educa are enthusiastic: You can watch a longer version of the party video here. When did you last see this enthusiastic a group of learning professionals? Six of the Business Educa track sessions in Berlin were streamed and … Continue reading

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European Launch of The Working Smarter Fieldbook

One of the joys of publishing an unbook instead of going the traditional route is putting together your own marketing campaign. We released The Working Smarter Fieldbook at the Irish Learning Showcase in Dublin. This being Ireland, Guinness played a … Continue reading

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State of informal learning address

People tell me this is worth watching. You tell me. It’s 104 minutes long. Please skip around. Let’s talk about how we see the world on these issues. Leave a comment below.

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Workscaping, part 5 of n

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Workscaping, part 3 of n

Sources of knowhow My class at Harvard Business School has the distinction of being the last not allowed to bring portable calculators to exams. (A Bomar 4-function calculator cost $99, a sum that kept many of us from acquiring one.) … Continue reading

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