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Training magazine, RIP

Nielsen Business Media is shutting down Training magazine and its companion Web site, trainingmag.com. The March issue will be the publication’s last. The move includes the elimination of 11 positions, a spokesperson said.

I first saw Training magazine in 1977. At the time I didn’t know the training business from a hole in the ground. “You mean there’s really a magazine about this stuff?” I became an avid reader. Training helped professionalize a rag-tag industry. Training taught me many lessons.

(Embarrassing. I had the one on the right as a professor at B-School.)

The editors and publisher of the magazine were promoters of the training business, much as O’Reilly Media supports all things internet these days. The company nurtured the Instructional Systems Association. Ron Zemke and Jack Gordon wrote and shaped a thought-provoking magazine.  Jerry Noack and Phil Jones helped the training industry progress. Julie Groshens managed not only the Training conference but also the Training Directors Forum, Online Learning, and other events. Leah Nelson somehow worked magic to make events go smoothly. This is quite a contrast to the Nielsen regime. Their editor told me not to submit articles because I wasn’t a full-time journalist.

I’ve keynoted Training and spoke at TDF several times. I wrote a cover story for Training. I’ve spoken at Online Learning — and learned a whole lot there. While I stopped reading it several years ago, I’m sad to see the magazine snuffed out. It feels like the end of an era. I kidded Phil Jones years ago that they should change the name of the magazine to Learning to keep up with the times. In retrospect, that would only have prolonged the death-spiral.

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